Migrants were beaten, tied up and robbed, Lkai without borders is a joke

Migrants were beaten, tied up and robbed, Lkai without borders is a joke
Migrants were beaten, tied up and robbed, Lkai without borders is a joke

called on the Czech government to ensure that asylum seekers are treated with dignity.

At first, Laka without Borders was, for example, a testimony of the violence that migrants faced when entering Greek waters or landing on the Greek islands. MSF claims that it managed to collect the testimony of dozens of migrants who ended up living on the islands of Lesbos and Samos, where the non-governmental organization operates.

In the period from August 2021 to the end of the summer, MSF recorded 56 reports of sexual assault. According to the organization, it was thus possible to map 183 cases when moons with migrants were driven back to the open sea. Some people claimed that they were illegally sent to Turkey and trnctkrt.

Lakai without borders points to cases when uniformed and non-uniformed men beat migrants, tied them up, and stole their pensions and cellphones. One witness described how the moon, on which she was sailing, fell in the Czech waters. From n to a vessel with migrants, he disguised himself as a mu. In the year he was ten and began to be a hunter in front of him. Then he picked up the engine and threw it into the moe. We were left in the middle of nowhere without an engine, said a woman to the organization.

At first, the organization did not state the nationality of the people who, according to it, committed violence against migrants. We urge the Czech government and European leaders to immediately adopt measures that guarantee that people seeking protection in the Czech Republic will be treated with humanity and dignity, said Lkai without Borders.

Criticism regarding the detention and mistreatment of migrants has not been met by the government in Athens from the press and non-governmental organizations. However, the conservative cabinet of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitostakis denied that the Czech police would rush to drive the migrant to Turkey. At first, however, Atna did not respond to MSF.

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