House of Horror. The rented accommodation was swarming with bats, guests are suing Airbnb


The first three days of the stay, which took place in July, were apparently completely fine. On the fourth night, two of the women were awakened by the screeching of a bat – one of the uninvited guests had entered the bedroom. The visitors thought it was a single bat, but they couldn’t have been more wrong. The corridor and staircase were teeming with winged animals.

The guests were unable to escape the house, so they sealed the door with pillows and blankets, but even that didn’t help, as the bats found their way into the bedrooms through the old walls and holes in the plinths. Server Independent writes that some of the ladies experienced moments of sheer terror when the bats got tangled in their hair or bit them.

The women didn’t close their eyes until the morning, then they called an exterminator, who found a colony of bats in the attic of the house. According to the summoned expert, the animals had been living in the building for many years, judging by the many feces and the smell of urine.

Visitors filed a lawsuit this week against Airbnb for not taking action against the bat-infested house and offering it on its site. A lawyer for the ladies described the experience as a worst nightmare. “What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into a nightmare,” attorney Jon Marko said. “It was like a scene from a Halloween horror movie.” Airbnb has yet to comment on the incident.

He has been refusing to leave the rented accommodation for a year. He demands 100 thousand dollars to leave

They turned the rented accommodation into a nightclub. Even the owner started the wild party

The article is in Czech

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