Israel delivers aid to civilians in Gaza, considers fuel for hospitals

Israel delivers aid to civilians in Gaza, considers fuel for hospitals
Israel delivers aid to civilians in Gaza, considers fuel for hospitals

“I want to make it clear – Israel is at war with Hamas. Israel is not at war with civilians in Gaza. We organize deliveries of water, food, medicines and medical equipment to Gaza. Millions of liters of water flow into Gaza every day. Israel is not at war with civilians in Gaza, and that is why we support taking the wounded to Egypt,” Hagari informed.

“Our war is against Hamas. Hamas does not care about the civilians in Gaza, from whom it steals fuel from hospitals and uses this fuel for its war machine,” Hagari added.

However, Israel does not yet allow fuel to be delivered to the Gaza Strip, even though the hospitals warn that they will stop operating without it, because without fuel the generators supplying electricity will not run. However, even that could change.

Possible fuel supplies for hospitals

Halevi said the fuel could be delivered through Egypt’s Rafah border crossing if it actually made it to the hospitals. “We check the situation in the zone every day. For more than a week, they have been telling us that the hospitals will run out of fuel, and it hasn’t happened,” Halevi said, adding that Israel will change its approach only if the fuel really does run out. “The fuel will be transported to hospitals under supervision and we will do everything to ensure that it does not reach Hamas and serve its war effort,” he warned.


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But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office issued a statement immediately afterward that the prime minister “did not approve the delivery of fuel to Gaza.”

Israel has not allowed fuel to be delivered to the Gaza Strip since October 7, when Hamas terrorists attacked Israel and killed 1,400 people, mostly civilians, The Times of Israel reported. Since October 10, hospitals and various organizations have warned that hospitals will have to shut down once they run out of fuel, but most are still operating, albeit with restrictions, such as morgue cooling being turned off.

The World Health Organization has warned that 1,000 people on dialysis and 130 premature babies in incubators could die due to fuel shortages.

Do you want fuel? Ask Hamas. Israel showed satellite images of a large warehouse

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