Hezbollah chief Nasrallah took his hands off Hamas actions


Nasrallah praised the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack, calling the operation “major” and “100 percent Palestinian.” “That’s why the operation was so successful. As you know, the fight continues,” Nasrallah said.

However, he did not announce the expected involvement of Hezbollah in operations against Israel. Emphasizing that it was a purely Palestinian action, he also denied responsibility for any part in the massacre.

According to him, the attack will have a lasting impact. “This great seismic operation has caused earthquakes in security, military, politics, diplomacy, and even psychological upheavals. It will have profound strategic consequences,” he praised the perpetrators of the largest anti-Jewish pogrom since the Holocaust.

Iran supports the Palestinians, but does not want to go to war

Nasrallah also said the operation showed Israel’s “weakness and utter fragility.” “It is more fragile than a spider’s web,” said Hezbollah’s general secretary (spider webs are actually extremely strong – note ed.).

He placed the conflict in a broader context. “Gaza has been under siege for twenty years and over two million people live in a small area,” Nasrallah agitated, saying that no one stands up for the residents of the Gaza Strip, not Europe, not the international community, not the League of Arab States. He mentioned that the enemy’s policy is only persecution.

In the pre-recorded speech, he also reminded that the Lebanese are also dying.

Disappointed Hamas

The question of how much the Lebanese Hezbollah movement will react to Israel’s retaliation for the terrorist attack by Hamas is one of the key questions in the current war in the Middle East. Hezbollah, which like Hamas is linked to Tehran, may open a second front in the north. However, he has not yet done so, which has disappointed Hamas.

So far, Hezbollah “only” fired rockets at the north of Israel, which led to the evacuation of 42 villages from the border with Lebanon in October, as well as the evacuation of the city of Kiryat Shmona, but there were no mass rocket attacks, The Times of Israel recalled.

Tensions escalated on Thursday, rockets hit Kiryat Shmona again, injuring two people. Hamas claimed responsibility for firing a dozen missiles. At the same time, Hezbollah announced that it had deployed drones carrying explosives and attacked 19 Israeli positions along the border with Lebanon, Reuters reported on Thursday.

According to the Arab spokesman for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), Avichaj Adri, the clashes have intensified. He also mentioned that Hezbollah was reinforced by Iran’s Imam Hussein Brigade. He threatened that further escalation would bring harsh retaliation: “Hezbollah and the Imam Hussein Brigade will make Lebanon pay a heavy price for supporting Hamas-IS. The IDF is fully prepared to respond to anyone who tries to undermine sovereignty in the North.”

The brigade, which consists mainly of Iraqi Shiites, is included in the fourth division of the Syrian army.

Israel has already responded to previous attacks with artillery fire and airstrikes. Most recently, he also targeted Hezbollah’s military headquarters in the area. According to Lebanon’s NNA news agency, Israeli strikes killed four people. Since the beginning of the war, 71 people, mostly members of Hamas and Hezbollah, have been killed on the Lebanese side in Israeli attacks. However, civilians, including herdsmen, are also among the dead, AFP reported. Hezbollah admitted 56 casualties among its fighters. Nine Israelis were also killed on Wednesday – eight soldiers and one civilian.

An Israeli drone was also flying over Lebanon, which Hezbollah claimed to have shot down, but Israel denied the reports.

The Wagners are to supply Hezbollah with Russian armor

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