A massive piece of what appears to be a Chinese missile crashed into a cornfield in China


Firefighters and emergency services quickly dealt with the situation. Eyewitnesses reported that the mysterious debris looked like the remains of a rocket stage. Newsflare also drew attention to the event, also with reference to Chinese media.

According to another Chinese source, the object also landed in a corn field in the village of Chung-tuo in Ji County, which falls under the aforementioned Lin-fen city-prefecture.

An official from Zhongtuo subsequently provided local media with details of the event. According to him, on the morning of November 1, several pieces of what are believed to be parts of a rocket booster fell in the area of ​​the township.

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“A security cordon was immediately set up around the site and security was provided to monitor the situation,” he said.

He emphasized that “fortunately, there was no fire or injury to residents in the accident.”

Evacuation the day before

In addition, local authorities were warned in advance of the possibility of debris falling into the area. As a precaution, the villagers were evacuated on the evening of 31 October and were only able to return home after the debris had fallen the following morning.

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In any case, Chinese cosmonautics will not be idle. Early that morning (Wednesday, November 1) Beijing time, China launched a Long March 6 rocket carrying the Tianhui 5 satellite into space from the Shaanxi Province Cosmodrome.

The satellite entered its preset orbit. It will be used for geographic mapping, soil resource exploration, scientific experiments and other missions, the state-run New China Agency announced.

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