Police were looking for a 69-year-old man. His bagel was found stuck in the trees


The search for the 69-year-old man, which Slovak police officers announced on Thursday, brought a sad result. The senior went flying a rogal that day, but did not return home. His body was found still hanging from the tree that his horn had hit.

Slovak police have been searching for a 69-year-old man since Thursday evening. On Thursday, the senior decided to go for a spin. But he did not return for a long time, and therefore the frightened family turned to the police. They immediately began to search for the lost pilot.

It was not found until the next morning. On Friday before ten o’clock, the police together with the firemen found a rogalo near the village of Podkonice. “Rogalo was caught in the crowns of trees in a difficult-to-access forest,” the Banská Bystrica police said on Facebook.

The senior was found hanging from a tree next to a bagel. Unfortunately, the rescuers were unable to help him and the doctor called could only declare death. Police have ordered an autopsy and will continue to investigate the case. They started a criminal prosecution for murder.

The rogal flight ended in tragedy | Source: Polícia SR – Banskobystrický region

The tragedy in Nymburk. A bagel fell into the park, a 19-year-old youth and a 61-year-old man died (10/2023):


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