Russian authorities are fighting giant snow penises. They also called in heavy equipment


Larger-than-life-sized phalanx statues have grown up around office buildings, universities and on the hoods of cars. The leadership of a Russian city wants the police to deal with people’s creativity.

Snowy Yekaterinburg, illustrative photo.

| Photo: Profimedia

In the fourth largest city Russian Federation In Yekaterinburg, which is located next to the Ural Mountains, snow cover is nothing special at this time. In addition to snowmen, however, since last week, there have also been snow sculptures penises. The Russian media reports on the unconventional city decoration.

Source: Youtube

“The 30th. October, unknown people created a large sculpture in the park under the windows of the State Theater of Opera and Ballet and the building of the Ural Federal University penis. It stood there all day until the workers of municipal services broke it with the help of technology,” the website reported.

Other media reports that the first statue was created by students of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics.

According to the newspaper, the residents of the city liked the new decoration and began to join the construction, and snowballs also grew in other places, including the transport university or the ice arena. People also place statues on the hoods of cars in the streets. They share their “works” a lot on the Telegram social network. “Teenagers are doing various activities on camera near them that may seem indecent,” website described.

The city management does not share the enthusiasm for the decorations, which, according to the local media, began to be nicknamed vulgar or…i. He sees them as offensive and has declared war against them.

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City officials called the snow creation a provocation. “I think law enforcement officers have to work. If he offends someone, it’s probably an administrative offense. Get law enforcement involved and tear it down. It’s a provocation and we need to fight those people, including the public,” said Deputy Mayor Alexej Bubnov, who is in charge of maintaining the public square.

As reported by the local media, against snow constructions penises one of the townspeople wrote a petition. It has less than two dozen signatures.


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