Alla Pugaovov is back in Russia. Apologize for your sins, the church urged her

Alla Pugaovov is back in Russia. Apologize for your sins, the church urged her
Alla Pugaovov is back in Russia. Apologize for your sins, the church urged her

Four hundred and seventy years ago, a mole arrived in Israel last year, shortly after the Russian army invaded Ukraine. Last year, she caused a stir when she declared that soldiers were dying there for illusory purposes, that the conflict was turning ordinary people and Russia into a global pariah.

In her press release at the time, she filed orders to declare her a foreign agent, just as they had done to his husband. Television comedian Maxim Galkin was included in the list of foreign agents first last year in z.

Although the Russians were imprisoned for criticizing the Russian invasion and even using the word wolf at all, Pugaovov was not even charged.

As for the week-long military operation, as the Kremlin regime officially called its brutal invasion of Ukraine, the Russian Orthodox Church called on Pugaova to apologize.

According to the RIA-Novosti agency, the spokesman of the church, Vakhtang Kipidze, said that Russians who accompanied their departure (from the country) with symbols of their nation or who made a controversial statement should apologize. Even Ally Borisovna does it.

The last time Pugaovov visited Russia was in May, when she attended the funeral of Valentin Yudakin’s husband. According to the AP agency, she then met Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, who kissed her hand. She left again later and was shaking this week. it is not known for how long.

It is not even clear whether the return of the Pugaovs from Israel is related to the new flow of the Palestinian terrorist movement Hamas. According to the Obozrevatel portal, Nicmn and her family moved to Cyprus shortly after the massacre, which left a total of 1,400 dead and two hundred kidnapped. According to Portl, the accused manel moved to London, while their children remained in Cyprus.

In particular, Pugaov went to Russia alone. She crossed the border near the city of Pskov, from where she took a train to Moscow. There was a limousine waiting for her with an idiom. She then left for Russia to St. Petersburg.

Shortly after the moles passed by the nail, they called for her to be arrested, until the Observer said that the Kremlin was only interested in Peskov’s reaction, according to him, following the law, Russians can return to Russia as they wish.

Избавиться от Грази

Alla Pugacheva arrived in Moscow on November 2, her assistant told SMI. It was reported that she was spotted yesterday at the checkpoint in the Pskov region. Galkin’s spouse-innocent agent and children with her were not there. Upon arrival, Pugacheva went to her home in the village of Gryaz.

November 3, 2023 at 11:02 pspvek archived: November 3, 2023 at 7:42 pm

Zpvaka has sold around a quarter of a billion musical notes over the course of her fifty-year career. In 1983, she sang at the music festival Bratislavsk lyra in one of Slovakia, and the Czech version of Million alych roz, which was sung by Zuzana Bubenkov, was also a success. After his concert in Atlantic City in November 2000, The New York Times called her the goddess of Russian pop, Moscow’s Tina Turner with an Edith Piaf flavor. Pugaovov herself broke up with the concert hall in 2009.

And when she celebrated her seventieth birthday in 2019, dictator Vladimir Putin cremated her. In recent years, tabloids and professional news have been filled with details of the Pugaovs’ private lives, such as their love for their young mothers or the twins they shared in their forties through a surrogate mother.

⚡️Alla Pugacheva returned to Russia, she was seen this morning at the Leningradsky train station

It is reported that yesterday she entered the territory of the Russian Federation through the checkpoint in the Pskov region!

That’s what kissing Peskov’s handles leads to!


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