Bombard us with heat. The judge in Trump’s trial spoke about obtov

Bombard us with heat. The judge in Trump’s trial spoke about obtov
Bombard us with heat. The judge in Trump’s trial spoke about obtov

In the heat of the moment, the officer involved in other court cases was the head of the state, and at least two people were involved in this connection.

Engoronov went out on this darkness and drank in the morning, which slightly reduced his two orders, limiting the demanding part of the process. The move was a response to the Trump administration’s incessant complaints about Engoron’s chief aide, whom the ex-president’s first lieutenants are trying to portray as biased. The judge made it clear that the EU does not want to go back to the dark, and threatened sanctions if Trump and his team continued to comment on the matter.

I will not tolerate comments about my judicial staff under these circumstances. Allegations (violence) as well as actual violence resulting from political rhetoric are well-documented phenomena, the judge wrote. “Since the beginning of this process, my office has been flooded with hundreds of dead phone calls, voicemails, e-mails, letters and logs,” he continued.

It was released at a time when the trial of Trump’s adult children continues. Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric, who are accused of falsifying financial records together with their father, testified from the center. Five weeks later, their sister Ivanka should cheat, just like ex-president Trump.

Before the opening of the main civil trial, Engoron ruled in favor of the prosecutor’s office when he came to the conclusion that the Trump Organization had defrauded banks and insurance companies by increasing its assets. Now it’s time to determine whether Trump and his company broke New York laws and what the punishment should be. There is no jury in the process, so the verdict is entirely up to Engoron.

Trump did not mince words on this, for example this week he called it a disgrace to the first profession. The judge left these incursions without a reaction, but decided to intervene at the moment when Trump published a photo of his assistant on social media with a critical message a month ago. The following ex-president was fined twice for violating a court order that was issued to the address of Engoron’s subordinates.

the status of the first defendants and their frequent commenting on my co-workers is a clear indication of the need to protect them from heat and physical harm, Engoron said in the daily accompanying message.

Acts involved in the criminal cases of ex-president Trump also face accusations. A woman from Texas was arrested in August for a summary message addressed to Judge Tanya Chutkanov, who is in charge of the federal trial regarding Trump’s attempt to subvert the last presidential election. A few days ago, federal prosecutors accused a man from Alabama of threatening with violence the prosecutor in the state of Georgia behind the cover-up of Trump and others for illegal interference in the election.

Whenever he is alone, give him a shoulder, according to the prosecutor, state representative Fani Willisov told him.

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