The DPRK can hit US territory, a Hamas representative commented on the courtship with Kim


“The Wall Street Journal wrote that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has ordered support for the Palestinian people, and especially for Hamas. Are you serious?” asked a Hamas official on Thursday, a host of the Lebanese channel Spot Shot, in response to an article that nevertheless referred to an announcement by the South Korean secret service.

“Yes. As you know, the leader of North Korea is perhaps the only one in the world who is capable of hitting the United States. He is the only one,” replied Baraka, who apparently forgot that at least Russia, China, Britain and France have theoretically been able to hit any place in the world with their missiles for many years.

“Iran does not have the ability to strike America,” Baraka went on to explain the DPRK’s advantage over long-term regional ally Hamas. “If Iran decided to strike, it could strike a Zionist entity (meant Israel – note ed.) and US bases in the region. Let’s put it this way, Iran does not have weapons that can reach America, but it can hit Israel and American bases and ships in the region if the US expands its intervention,” Baraka added.


Palestinian demonstration in Hebron, West Bank, with portraits of Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un

At the same time, the head of Hamas’ foreign relations predicted the collapse of the US. “The United States was founded by Britain and global Freemasonry, and it will collapse like the Soviet Union,” he declared, in a wondrous ass-bridge across the centuries. “America will not remain powerful,” he threatened Washington.

Baraka, who is based in Lebanon, told Reuters after a Hamas attack on Israel in October that the movement received money and training from Iran and its close allies, such as the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah.

North Korea has supplied Russia with over a million artillery shells, South Korean intelligence claims

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