How to beat a wolf for a human duet

How to beat a wolf for a human duet
How to beat a wolf for a human duet

It’s only, but it will be five months since that Saturday, when the government committed the worst horror imaginable on the road to Israel in the vicinity of Gaza. Let’s take a look at the promotion page of the event.

Her eminence was quickly filled, murderers were sent to kidnap children, rape and burn them alive. They knew that the reaction of the Israelis would be ruthless and that’s what happened here. Israel has the support of the so-called old world, where the rest are against it, they have to rely on the results of UN ballots, on the resolutions of international organizations, and it is UNESCO, WHO, associations such as Amnesty International, but it is Iraqi. In addition, in Western Europe, five columns of the so-called global south are permanently settled, often with unfriendly people. We also had to deal with the attitude of progressive political entities and the media: we don’t have to go far for evidence in this either, remembering how the BBC reported on the Israeli bombing of a hospital in Gaza and how, in fact, the entire media is willing to talk about the sweat of the victims of Israeli airstrikes from Palestinian sources can never be independently vindicated.

Anyone with a shred of sanity must yawn when they see two flags side by side, the Palestinian flag and the rainbow flag of homosexuality. Always Hams, like the Islamic State, has the same goal, created by Islamic greatness far from only from the eye to the eye, and the official hatred of homosexuals (and, of course, contempt for women) is one of the foundations of its political culture.

In this offensive, it is said that the West is obsessed with self-flagellation and that the branches are below it. This also fit into the plan, which had been in preparation for a long time, and a month ago it began to be implemented with a rush that even the shooters could not have expected. They could not have imagined how strong anti-Semitism is in the West, that young Christian girls will be walking around with placards recommending the removal of the Jewish population from Europe, and that another Christian woman will transform herself into a t-shirt celebrating the massacre of the Israeli Olympians in Munich on the cracked Staromstsk Square. But it’s not just a young talent who can fight for freedom without risk. Many academics and a renowned journalist follow the same trend. Outside the media, two spaces for disintegration proving that Israel is really just a Zionist entity without a reason for existence.

Here, I would ask a completely enigma question, with no hope of an answer: when will this beautiful young Norwegian man be found and Europe will be rid of the Jewish people and the Zionist entity will do what the Germans did ausradieren in connection with ids (and prospectively echoes and the like), when will this chatter be deleted, will it stop? Will there be peace?

I can’t answer, but I know it: don’t stop. There are always people around the world who are persecuted, murdered and tortured, not only because of Diocletian, but because of the weak-minded, unseeing insensitivity of the progressive Holy Father. The message is written.

Therefore, it is time not to triple, but to quadruple the psun penz Hamsa. To get it over with.

This is a self-evident so-called bloody irony. But come on, give the propaganda a perfect one. Sometimes it works, when it is obvious on the body of a dead child pulled from the rubble that it is a puppet, and when a spectacular photo of a boy shyly over the background of his dead mother has a finger, which is a known mistake, artificial intelligence can help when making realistic photos. After the corrections, the photo will circulate for a long time, it is visually perfect. Against this, the Israelis put photos of the dead and tortured children. They’re just drastic documents and you don’t like looking at them. Someone should advise them, and also involve artificial intelligence in promotion. Or at worst the normal, human one. In this case, it is about human debt, not about conquering a concrete tunnel, built with the help of the European Union.

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