After Ukraine, we will take everything. The Russians talk about rebuilding the empire and world domination

After Ukraine, we will take everything. The Russians talk about rebuilding the empire and world domination
After Ukraine, we will take everything. The Russians talk about rebuilding the empire and world domination

Russia must wash off the shame of the past decades and restore its imperial borders. Kremlin propagandist Sergei Mardan said this on state television. According to him, the war in Ukraine is only the beginning of Russia’s path to a share in world power.

The Russian Empire will exist again, propagandist Sergei Mardan raved on state television. The entity, which existed from 1721 to 1917, had borders almost identical to the later Soviet Union. It no longer included, for example, Alaska or Finland.

Considering that Russia is a civilized state, the day of the establishment of the Russian Empire, that is, November 2 (1721), should somehow be present in the political calendar. We shouldn’t only talk about it on television with a journalistic tone, it’s a topic for politicians and leaders,” Mardan said.

On his speech to the Russians adviser to the Ukrainian Minister of the Interior Anton Herashchenko. “Making wars sacred is a Russian specialty. For faith, tsar and fatherland is a popular motto of Russian soldiers from the 19th century. Centuries pass, but the Russian tsars still want people to die for them,” he responded.

Mardan admitted that the loss of territory and Eastern European satellites after the Cold War is a shame for Moscow. “There is a certain awkwardness about it, I agree that it would be humiliating to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Russian Empire two years ago. PI swear that if the leadership of our country suddenly decided in 2021 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the founding of the Russian Empire, I would feel a shameful shame, because two years ago we were not an empire, we were just preparing to make an absolutely desperate, almost unbelievable attempt to get this designation back,” he continued.

According to Mardan, the unprovoked Russian aggression against Ukraine is the first step towards the restoration of the empire and a share in world power. “What is happening now in Ukraine, what we call a special military operation, has, of course, a huge historical, cultural and civilizational significance for all of us. For the citizens of our country, for the Russian people and for the whole world. Because empires condition the further development of this world, the rules on the basis of which this world exists, and the direction of everything for decades, sometimes even centuries,” the Russian propagandist concluded.

He is far from the first supporter of Vladimir Putin’s regime to say something like that, reminds the Ukrainian Pravda daily. A few weeks ago, another propagandist, Nikolay Vavilov, went wild on TV. He said that Russia will soon dominate all of Europe.

We must go further and gradually take over the role that the Russian Empire had. When I said that Berlin, Dresden, Prague, Ljubljana and everything would be ours, I wasn’t kidding. Why? Because that’s exactly what it was!” thundered Vavilov.

Putin had a seizure in front of the cameras. His hand is out of control (10/2023):

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