VIDEO: Brutal killing of Hamas at the festival. Drastic footage leaked online

VIDEO: Brutal killing of Hamas at the festival. Drastic footage leaked online
VIDEO: Brutal killing of Hamas at the festival. Drastic footage leaked online

Dramatic footage of the brutal attack by Hamas terrorists, who attacked the Nova music festival on Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip on October 7, has reached social networks. During the first few hours of the attack on Israel, the fighters of the radical Palestinian movement entered the premises of the techno festival in Kibbutz Reim, where they murdered several hundred people of various nationalities and abducted a number of festival participants to Gaza. A clip from industrial and security cameras has appeared on the Internet, showing the murderous rampage of the terrorists, but also videos of members of the Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) and Israeli police who arrived at the scene only after the massacre.

One of the most striking events of October 7, or “Black Saturday”, when Hamas attacked Israel, is the terrorist attack on a music and dance festival in Kibbutz Reim in the south of Israel, close to the Gaza Strip. Palestinian fighters controlled the techno party grounds for over 6 hours and according to authentic footage from security and industrial cameras that ran throughout the attack, attendees did not take the initial warning very seriously. They reportedly relied on festival security.

In the footage, you can see how the festival security officers disperse the participants. Some walk away to their cars, others crouch and hide behind various objects, and others ignore the warning and continue dancing. Eventually, however, everyone leaves and when the first terrorists from Hamas enter the compound, chaos breaks out. Festival goers run out of their cars and try to find cover, then carnage breaks out. Palestinian fighters run around the compound, shooting around and trying to kill everyone they see. A montage from industrial cameras, which is full of drastic shots,

The footage also shows Hamas soldiers taking handcuffed festival goers away, loading them into cars and taking them, apparently as prisoners, to the Gaza Strip. Several dozen armed Hamas vehicles enter the complex, and behind the parking lot, which is full of festival spectators’ cars, smoke rises and explosions are recorded in the complex.

Another video from the Israel Police, or IDF, shows soldiers and police searching for survivors of the massacre. intended only for the strong shows the ravaged Nova festival site, which is full of dead and bloody bodies. A police officer discovers a pile of dead bodies in a shot-up outdoor bar, and corpses lying on the packed ground, where a few hours earlier there was dancing and then frantic running for their lives.

The IDF also published an Israeli soldier who arrived at the scene shortly after the massacre. It shows an empty campus, shot up cars with suitcases ready to leave, or scrapped caravans with the dead.

The symbol of the Nova music festival is the young woman Shani Louková from Germany, who was kidnapped by Hamas terrorists on October 7 and recently announced that she is dead. “Unfortunately, we received the news that my daughter is no longer alive,” said Ricarda Louková, mother of 22-year-old Shani.

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