Prime Minister Fiala opened the Czech-Ethiopian business forum in Addis Ababa

Prime Minister Fiala opened the Czech-Ethiopian business forum in Addis Ababa
Prime Minister Fiala opened the Czech-Ethiopian business forum in Addis Ababa

“Traditionally, we see Ethiopia as one of our key trading partners in Africa,” Fiala said, adding that the focus needs to be on more than importing “legendary Ethiopian coffee.” “Your country offers many opportunities for cooperation. We have projects here in areas such as water management and healthcare,” said the prime minister, adding that economic cooperation should go hand in hand with development cooperation.

According to the government, the good name of the Czech Republic in Ethiopia is also made by Czech hydrologists, who have been actively involved here since the 1970s and have created, for example, a unique hydrological map of the entire country. “Ethiopia has a significant role in stabilizing the entire region,” Fiala said. According to him, representatives of the Czech defense industry also participate in the forum.

The Czech Prime Minister wants to propose the establishment of a joint commission for economic cooperation to his Ethiopian counterpart Abiy Ahmed. According to the Prime Minister, better cooperation between institutions will facilitate trade.

Fiala discussed the gigafactory, the result will be published on Wednesday

The President of the Union of Industry and Transport Jan Rafaj presented the Czech Republic to Ethiopian entrepreneurs as a highly industrialized country that is well integrated in the EU market and that has low unemployment. He noted that historically successful companies were founded in the Czech Republic, mentioning Petrof pianos, Bata shoes, Zetor tractors, Linet hospital beds and Pilsen beer. “Czech companies have a lot to offer, they are flexible, innovative and eager for new business,” he said.

Attending a business forum in Addis Ababa, Fiala began his week-long visit to sub-Saharan Africa. On Saturday, without the presence of journalists, he will meet with the Ethiopian Prime Minister, then visit the Water Museum and the local hospital. In addition to Ethiopia, the prime minister will visit Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast.

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