it will start and add energy. Try greens and herbs in addition to greens


The rain that flows from the lake gives me a feeling of comfort and joy, only if you know how to appreciate the good. As a child, Lecko was disgusted by the communal dining room, where even dark water was poured. Or the mother who forced you to drink the entire contents of the broken mug in the morning, while you fought the urge to crawl back into the nest.

Every day, if you don’t have a good one in the cat’s room, give it a run. even toti brings good things together. It is much healthier than the drink we drink throughout the day. Even a very high-quality product will cost significantly less than cola, dus or wine. You don’t even have to drag the house up the stairs in a bottle. In addition, you have a huge taste, so when you learn to navigate in Aja’s e-shops, your possibilities to discover are so limitless.

ern gives way to green

This is the reality of the last decades. Even Sri Lanka or India, their supposed two former producers of green tea, have recently gone green. It is about this plant ajovnk nsk. Only its flakes in the case of black go through oxidation, while the green ones are in such a way that they retain their original color and properties.

Green also became a symbol of a healthy lifestyle. Its noble image is also underlined by the beautiful light green color, which in itself evokes naturalness and confidence. Anyone who puts green even in a black advertising mug will lose half of the prize.

Blooming etc

He is a pearl among aji. Don’t forget to make a ball of wheat and greens and pour hot water at 75 C and then watch how it develops. Inside the balls of this flower are flowers of jasmine, chrysanthemums, lilies and other edible flowers. The whole drink is best enjoyed in a glass teapot. The flower can go to several lefts (by the way, like all greens). And then soak it in cold water in a nice glass and wear it for a long time as a decoration. You can easily find different types in health food stores, ajaves and e-shops with ajave.

Before long, many of us paid attention to the headline that the European Union wants to ban green too. Like many headlines, this one was misleading. In fact, the EU only wants to regulate food supplements with a high concentration of catechins, which are antioxidants contained in green vegetables.

Although catechin has strong protective factors against a number of diseases, in large quantities it damages the liver, so it is necessary to keep its consumption under control. Classically prepared teas will not be affected by EU law in any way, because the concentration of catechins in them is safe. So we don’t have to worry, we will go to our medicine full of health.

When we are healthy, let’s take a general look at the facts. In order for the health benefits to manifest themselves, it is good to drink at least ten glasses a day and avoid it in the evening, so that we do not wake up later, we don’t want to. Various antioxidants can be found in any fruit, but there are more of them in green and leafy vegetables.

Vtina also has a beneficial effect on the metabolism. Help also by striking a stable environment in the streets, also protect our teeth. It also has a great effect on the brain and, of course, stimulates us (this is due to caffeine, which is often related to caffeine). It works more slowly with aja, not with kvy, but according to his others it lasts.

ern, bl, puerh, oolong

There are so many possibilities! ern has also been known since childhood, especially in the form of Sk. Pytlkov is also made from the lowest quality ingredients, which is why we feel that drinking it is boring. If we only need to shrink the skin in the oven, earl gray is a good choice.

This black and aromatized bergamot essential oil is an easily available classic, and even the British queen Albata II drank it every morning. (if you’re curious: you looked into it silently). black and with a drop of silence is an overall good idea.

Of the many wonderful species, let me choose puerh. It is fermented, which gives it an earthy taste and, in addition, great health benefits. Thanks to the fermentation of probiotics, it supports the immune system and regulates the metabolism. It is also popular for weight loss. But it is probably clear to you that for this ale there must be additional and substantial changes in drinking puerha.

Don’t think about it

Take this label with a grain of salt, it’s clear that it’s herbal and it’s all the same. I’m not using the word here technically. In short, it’s about people who couldn’t see the car even from the expressway. That is, about herbs and fruits.

You poke at the main evening, when we can’t even afford the right for his encouraging words. Meduka and mateduka are great for a summer drink. Some people don’t allow it, while others consider it even for babies. Whomever I have to close, I have more to suit him.


The market is also full of summer herbal sms. even before going to sleep, a glass of vna is a much better choice. That is, if we don’t want to develop the figure of a Michelin punk in the future. You can also eat fruit, but you really have to pay attention to quality. Cheap ones are often colored and flavored, which does not suit them either in terms of taste or health benefits.

modern day

Cold brew
Like coffee drinkers and coffee lovers alike, they have discovered the magic of non-traditional cold brewing. A long distillation in cold water gives a great taste full of new tones that you don’t even notice in the same and prepared traditions. A Pomegranate French press is ideal for its preparation, i.e. a glass container with a fist, which, after infusing, put the flakes down enough to use it for the preparation of flowers

A green aja drink with a strong aja taste has been a hit for many years. You can make a latte from it in the morning, which will give you a boost for the new day and a good dose of antioxidants. But it’s great in food, especially in confectionery, and it has settled in as quite a popular ingredient. Matcha ice cream like this, if it is made correctly with enough aji, is really easy.

Bubble tea
It originated in the eighties in Taiwan and has become a popular event throughout the world. Its main attraction is the rather transparent tapioca balls. Bubble tea, with its bright colors and fruity flavors, has acquired an image that is a bit too bland, so many conservative tea lovers understandably don’t even want to see it. But try it out and see for yourself.

aj’s gourmet
it also has the reputation of being a noble drink for cultured people, so it is not surprising that fkuchai tries to use it to give an outwardly luxurious impression of its specialties. In half of Pepych’s restaurants, you will find an aja spread, sencha granola, and a kou aja marinade on some of the trees. It has a good sound, so it can also be an interesting tip for home cooks. A dazzling night is guaranteed.

Even today, food lovers can make their own sparkling wine at home, but if you are not a fan of such experiments, you can easily buy it in supermarkets, even if it is bottled with a cool label. Kombucha is modern and so very healthy. It combines health benefits with the benefits of fermentation, so it also has a beneficial probiotic effect. Urit stands for attention.

Become a champion

it is like a painting or music. the more you know about it, the more you will enjoy it. You can find a lot of quality books about aji in the Czech market. Its availability is also easy to find in every town. In addition to the traditional Oxalis and Dobrajovna, there are also e-shops with a wide range of products and sharp labels (you can see the characteristics of the products on the Manu Tea e-shop page as well).

If herbs are your home, you probably know the Sonnentor company from Ejkovica, which offers top quality products. Then you can invite your friends to a party at 5 p.m.

If you want to follow the English tradition, you should first look at decorated mugs made of fine porcelain. Then pour ern aj into them, for example assam or darjeeling, you can also throw in earl grey.

Prepare a small sandwich without a neck, filled with fodder cheese, salmon and cucumber, and some sweet bread.

Or make it your own. He who loves also cannot advise you. Take (for real in this ppad): Cheers!

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