The villa with an elevator enchants with the view and luxurious relaxation by the pool and barbecue


In the picturesque area of ​​Gouves on the island of Crete, with an impressive view of the Mediterranean Sea, you will find a luxury villa with a living area of ​​320 m². It was designed by the architect duo Nikos Mourelos and Marie Pervolaraki, who received the order from an owner with high demands on quality and design.

The Mediterranean residence consists of two connected, mirrored buildings. The pool is of course shared.

The building immediately catches the eye with its angular, yet playful design, complemented by impressive details in the form of circular cut-outs that look like bubbles.

The Mediterranean residence consists of two connected, mirrored buildings that are identical in layout and equipment. The entrance to the villa leads through the underground garage. In total, the villa, which is used for rent, has six bedrooms and four bathrooms.

An elevator to luxury

The underground garage fulfills its function. Automatic sliding doors open here, behind which you will find a spacious interior capable of accommodating not only cars, but also several bicycles for easier movement around the island. There is even a ping pong table for moments of relaxation. The elevator, which is standard in the case of these luxury villas, leads directly to the living room and to the bedroom floor.

The first stop of the elevator opens into an airy living room connected to a kitchenette and dining room. All the furniture is in light colors, mostly white and gray, which are enlivened by cheerful green and yellow in the kitchen and on the accessories.

The relaxation part of the room has a spacious white sofa, a smart TV and there is even a fireplace for a pleasant evening atmosphere.

The interior lighting adds playfulness thanks to the circular ceiling lights, and the angular windows fitted with blue glass are also interesting.

The cool tones are moderated by the ubiquitous wooden decor, which is integrated into the entire space, whether it is wooden cladding, small pieces of furniture, a chest of drawers or an entrance door. They differ from standard white interior doors precisely because of their wooden design.

Czech clique in Greek luxury

The manufacturer of the doors used in the implementation is the company Block 95 Wooden Doors&Windows, premium door accessories, which is also an authorized distributor of the M&T brand, which supplies the door handles.

“Architect Maria Pervolaraki often uses door handles from the Czech manufacturer M&T in her projects. We have been working together for a long time. In Villa Dia’s Blue, we specifically chose Promo stainless steel door handles with a round rosette, for the entrance door with a square one,” says George N. Koutsoudakis of Block 95 Wooden Doors&Windows.

“For both front doors, we used a Promo 2013 stainless steel handle with a narrow angular M mechanism with a stainless steel inner construction core,” says George N. Koutsoudakis.

Although the stainless steel and angular design may seem cold at first glance, the handles are ergonomically designed and pleasant to the touch. “Stainless steel handles are characterized by high strength and mechanical resistance. Thanks to these properties, Promo handles made of stainless steel can withstand the demanding conditions of the Mediterranean climate, which are characterized by higher temperatures, salty air and humidity,” explains Roman Ulich, chief designer of M&T. That’s how the Greek villa also got a Czech handle.

The relaxation part of the room has a spacious white sofa, a smart TV and there is even a fireplace for a pleasant evening atmosphere. The second part of the house is identical in basic equipment, with the difference that both parts are mirrored to each other. The second interior is dominated by yellow, but the layout, design and furniture remain almost identical.

Pool or sea?

The central element of the first floor is undoubtedly the terrace, where you will find everything that belongs to summer relaxation, i.e. a barbecue and a swimming pool. The outdoor area has a total area of ​​400 m2, outdoor seating for twelve people connects to the indoor dining room and kitchen, which is practical. The view of the sea can then be enjoyed from the pool or deckchairs and comfortable beanbags. If you get tired of the pool, the sea is just around the corner.

The cool tones are moderated by the ubiquitous wooden decor, which is integrated into the entire space.

A modern and clean design is prescribed for all the bedrooms in the villa. As in the other parts of the house, they also stand out with a predominantly white-gray design with wooden accessories and subtle color accents. The first of them is already on the first floor and has its own bathroom.

Additional bedrooms can be found on the second floor. They also have their own bathrooms, and they also have balconies. The roof of one of them has the mentioned circular cutouts in it. With a spacious seating area and a view of the sea, residents can enjoy a romantic sunset.

Bath bubbles

In contrast to the overall understated style, the bathrooms are decorated with blue tiles evoking the depths of the sea and contrasting bright yellow cabinets. The exterior wall is also unique, again decorated with circular holes of various sizes, which visually act like “bubbles”. These decorative elements can be found not only in bathrooms, but also on bedroom balconies.

Just the great location of the object would be enough to make it perfect. Even so, there are interesting details. The investor and the architect worked in a very close symbiosis, which was reflected in the high quality and thoughtful details of the entire project.

The grill with the summer kitchen is on the terrace, on the opposite side of the pool.

“Local brands lack quality. Sustainable products are becoming important and very popular in Greece. Customers want to know where and by whom their door handle was made, for example. Some customers are more interested in this than the price. In this regard, M&T in Greece stands out with its unique design and impeccable quality,” concludes George N. Koutsoudakis.


Name of Project: Dia’s Blue Villa

Construction location: Crete, Greece

Door hardware supplier M&T Promo: Block 95, Wooden Doors & Windows, premium door accessories

Architects: Nikos Mourelos and Maria Pervolaraki are a renowned architectural couple in Greece. Nikos Mourelos has already won the prestigious Golden Key of Heraklion Port, one of the biggest awards for Greek architects.

The table with a beautifully crafted wooden top is the dominant feature of the dining area.

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