“F*ck Biden, Allahu akbar.” What opponents of Israel did in front of the White House was not shown in the Czech Republic



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The US capital was the target of vandalism overnight from Saturday to Sunday, when a pro-Palestinian demonstration was taking place there, which according to Reuters attended by thousands of protesters, demanding that the US ensure an end to Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip, even though hundreds of Israeli prisoners are still being held there by terrorists from the Palestinian armed group Hamas.

Thousands of protesters gathered in Washington on Saturday to demand a cease-fire in Gaza, where thousands have been killed in an Israeli offensive since an attack by Palestinian Islamists from Hamas, and to condemn President Joe Biden’s policies toward the war.

CNN reported, that the attendees filled Washington’s Freedom Plaza, which is located near the White House, and Iman Abid-Thompson of the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights told the television station that those present wanted “change to happen,” pointing to the mass turnout that she said proves that support for the Palestinians has grown in America. “Now it has become a choice of morality. You either choose to speak up and support the Palestinians, or you choose to support genocide,” she told CNN.

The station also added that buses organized by “local community groups” and “progressive organizations” brought Americans from across the country to the capital.

Rapper Macklemore, of “Thrift Shop” fame, was also among the speakers at the event, who said that while he “doesn’t know everything,” he “knows enough to know that it’s genocide.”

British Daily Mail describedthat during the protest there was not only support for the Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, but also “several disturbing anti-Semitic incidents” during the thousands of protests.

“We will return after millions,” chanted the crowd, according to the server, and the activists present also carried signs supporting the Hamas attack. “Resistance is justified when people are occupied,” one of them read, for example.

Protesters accused the U.S. of allegedly enabling war crimes, and many were inspired by Black Lives Matter protests, displaying a “Palestinian Lives Matter” sign.

As at many other pro-Palestinian demonstrations – including those in Prague – there were calls for the complete destruction of Israel. Server The Jerusalem Post reported, that there were cries, among other things, that “Palestine will be free from the river to the sea”, a slogan commonly used by Palestinian terrorist groups to denote the absolute destruction of the State of Israel and the removal or extermination of all Jews from the area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea.

There was also vandalism, and slogans glorifying “martyrs” or “Death to Israel” appear on the streets of Washington after the pro-Palestinian event.

Even well-known American monuments, which pro-Palestinian protesters climbed on and then sprayed them with paint, did not avoid queuing. Statues of American personalities were pasted over with Palestinian flags, and a monument to Benjamin Franklin ended up under the Arab keffiyeh scarf, which is often associated with the Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

Those present eventually attacked the gate of the White House, which some tried to overcome. The crowd lined up in front of the presidential residence shouting “F*ck Joe Biden” and began smashing the gate of one of the entrances.

American television Fox then she pointed outthat some people tried to climb the gate, which a few people partially succeeded, and those present waved Palestinian flags and shouted “Allahu akbar” and “Free, free Palestine” towards the White House.

Although the protesters did not manage to completely overcome the fence, as many media subsequently reported, the rampage of the pro-Palestinian demonstrators was carried away by the gate at the White House, which vandals vandalized with red paint. Many other monuments in Washington have suffered the same fate.

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author: Radek Kotas


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