ON THE EDGE: A few notes on the left and Hamsa

ON THE EDGE: A few notes on the left and Hamsa
ON THE EDGE: A few notes on the left and Hamsa

It is interesting that the left, which is fanatically pro-Palestinian, is at the same time fanatically anti-Ukrainian. I get the impression that there is such a thing as a left, for which, rather than any social justice, the fault of the West (especially represented by the USA) is due. After the USSR ceased to exist, which was at least part of the rhetoric of the left, they quite calmly joined the imperialist fascist Russia and anyone else, if it was not the USA. D can thus be recognized by strong anti-Semitism. In France, Melenchon was also known as a French communist. Corbyn is not heard from in the UK anymore, but Starmer is having problems with his MPs just when it looks like they could make a government – which leads to the weight that he is not interested in getting into government (and really trying to make something ), but the ability to proclaim your own, unique and immutable truth.

The current leader of Israel is not completely innocent in this, because Hamas has developed similar to the US Taliban: Anyone who wants to foil the establishment of a Palestinian stt needs to support the strengthening of Hams and the transfer of funds to Hams, Anyone who wants to undermine the constitution of the Palestinian Authority must support the Hamsa envoy and send him funds, Netanyahu said in March 2019 at a meeting of the Likud party.

It is interesting that the majority of Palestinians – at least after 1970, when it was clear that Israel would not simply disappear, and a new generation was emerging – wanted one of two hundred (currently about 70% support it). Despite Israel’s various offers (do you know that he originally offered them even a long way to become Israel?), it was rejected by the Palestinian political leadership, which was probably as representative of the Palestinians as the IRA is to the Catholics in Northern Ireland: Sometimes, yes, not at all.

An Israeli with whom I had a conversation two years ago said that both Jews and Arabs are quite normal and have no problem getting along (don’t talk about the fact that Palestinians are not only Muslims – most of the Jews, even in Israel, are so the Palestinians or the Arabs, but it doesn’t help them much so that they don’t end up in the same bag with Hams et al.), but they have fanatical jerks (not full of his words), and he said that the problem is not the fanatics from Hams, about whom they will see, they will fanaticize the ultra-orthodox id, and they will lose more political power. What does it look like that the current government has succeeded – see the declaration of the minister of the Israeli government that the problem of Gaza is best solved by nuclear weapons on Gaza.

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