Islamists want war with the West. Palestine is just the beginning, an expert warns

Islamists want war with the West. Palestine is just the beginning, an expert warns
Islamists want war with the West. Palestine is just the beginning, an expert warns

Behind the pro-Palestine demonstrations, far more dangerous things are happening. This is according to Islamism expert Eran Lahav from the Defense and Security Forum institution, according to which Islamists are mobilizing and preparing for war with the West.

Many people take to the streets to show support for the Palestinians. Under the guise of demonstrations, however, according to Islamism expert Eran Lahav, who was quoted by Bild daily, much more dangerous things are happening. He cited the recent demonstration in Essen, Germany, as an example.

“Listen to what they are shouting at the demonstrations in Germany. Yes, you hear ‘Free Palestine’, but there is more to it,” Lahav pointed out. “They shout ‘Takbir’ and ‘Allahu akbar,'” he continued. According to the expert, they make it clear that for them the war is not only Palestinian, but religious.

“Israel will only be the first step for them in this war. Israel is in the front line and the rest will follow,” he added. According to him, Hamas is inspired by other terrorist organizations. Flags reminiscent of the Taliban or the Islamic State often appear at demonstrations.

​”Hamas was inspired by the Islamic State organization to launch an attack on Israel. Now the Islamic State is using the Hamas attack to gain new followers and mobilize its members,” added Lahav, who monitors the behavior of terrorist organizations and notes a massive increase in calls for violence .

It is said that terrorist organizations have recently been actively calling for attacks on Jews and Christians. For example, there are supposed to be calls to set fire to synagogues. Whole lists of similar “tasks” are said to be circulating among terrorists.

Attacks could also appear in Europe. “Radical Islamists see the impact of the Hamas attack on Israel. That’s why I think it’s possible that there will be attempts to do something similar in Europe. Of course it would be a different attack, you can’t just occupy a few cities and kidnap hundreds of people, Lahav said.

Demonstrations in support of Palestine are not only taking place in Germany. As reported by the Reuters agency, on Saturday protesters also gathered in London, Paris, Ankara, Istanbul and Washington. They called for an end to the fighting in Gaza and criticized Israel for intensifying attacks.

Thousands of protesters marched through Washington, waving Palestinian flags and shouting slogans criticizing President Joe Biden. There were shouts in the streets that Bidem had “blood on his hands”, and some made it known that they would not support him in the upcoming presidential elections.

The Israeli army claims to have reached the sea through the Gaza Strip:

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