DIRECTION: Che msto aputov – Invisible dog

DIRECTION: Che msto aputov – Invisible dog
DIRECTION: Che msto aputov – Invisible dog

Thus, the new Deputy Speaker of the Slovak Parliament, Lubo Blaha, took a hard line for Fico’s Smer-SD party. In his office, he took down the picture of the Aputov president and replaced it with a portrait of the communist criminal and mass murderer Che Guevara. Kovan, a communist, Blaha is known for the fact that he often addresses his close comrades and comrades at rallies, but now he crossed the line of the conceivable when he publicly joined the red evil.

However, the celebration of Che Guevara is a glorification of communist dictatorship. This hunter is evil incarnate, he created execution teams in Cuba and had thousands of people murdered. He belonged to the leading collaborators of Fidel Castro and founded the infamous concentration camp here, where dissidents and opponents of the regime were imprisoned and tortured. He wanted to die a martyr’s death, but at the same time he boasted that he did not mind the killing of other people, because he hated Marxism and the Cuban revolution. I know his age. Hate is the essence of battle. Unlimited hatred or a bee that forces a hunter to punish his limited nature, thus becoming an efficient, violent, and cold-blooded killing machine, is portable and useful. And our soldiers must be such highly trained killing machines. Yes, hatred and violence were typical of Che Guevara.

That’s why I’m very surprised that for some very young people this common criminal is questionable, and that’s because the nose is covered with his likeness. In the case of uninformed individuals, trying to understand and explain such a thing is due to inexperience and ignorance. Not at Lena Slovakia, the ruling party, who is also the mayor of the Slovak National Council. From a historical point of view, Slovakia is very close to the Czech Republic. It is self-evident that Slovakia, as a sovereign and independent state, has elected to the parliament. In general, however, the glorification of communist criminals is absolutely unacceptable to me, especially when it comes to one of the highest state officials.

the author is a Stedoesk regional representative

The article is in Czech

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