In Germany, they want to name the pin Anne Frank, the death caused emotions

In Germany, they want to name the pin Anne Frank, the death caused emotions
In Germany, they want to name the pin Anne Frank, the death caused emotions

the Anne Frank mill in the town of Tangerhette in the Stendal district completed its name change for a period of time. She was always led to this by a number of reasons, such as her parents and teachers. They claim, among other things, that the name of the tragic pbhu of the Jewish women, who during the Second World War, on the orders of the Nazis, died in a concentration camp at the age of only fifteen, is not even capable of grasping children at the age of 15 years.

The new name Weltentdecker, which could be used freely as an explorer of the world, should be more appropriate. We wanted something without a political background, commented Linda Schichorov, head of the club.

The mayor of the city, Andreas Brohm, explained that the reason for the planned name change was mainly the process of renewal towards openness. According to her, the center has gone through this period in the past 14 months.

Long before the current discussions and events, a debate arose at the beginning of 2023 about making this fundamental change of concept visible on the outside by renaming the institution differently in order to visibly signal this fundamental new beginning, she said.

Discussion develops wolf in Israel

The planned change was soon to be decided by the city council. The current geopolitical situation of the war between Israel and the Palestinian radical movement Hamas, which has destroyed the society, but intensifies the emotions of the descendants.

Christoph Heubner, vice president of the International Peace Committee, also criticized the naming in an open letter. If I had known, I could have shared something with Tangerhtte. I would advise Anne Frank to fight and not go away speechless and sad if she has to be exiled again in her German homeland. Maybe think about the whole thing? he asked.

It was an invitational process, according to the German weekly Der Spiegel, the mayor, who was open to change despite the terror of Hamas against Israel, came out. I think that democracy has to stand up, to stop discussing things with me, he said, adding that he did not want to be a moralizer in the debate.

According to his latest publications, however, he re-evaluated his view and, in response to Heubnerv’s letter, shared that he considers the city to be a symbol of Germany, which is open to the world and is at the same time aware of its historical responsibility and its long-standing mission. Due to waves of criticism, he promised that the city council would not support the proposed change during the discussion.

The rejection was subsequently confirmed by the presidents of the parliamentary groups in the Council of Tangerhut. In the center, the city council unanimously takes a position against the lot about the naming of the stamps, said Werner Jacob, the chairman of the city council, for Die Welt.


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