The Russians have started building a new railway in Ukraine. The bridge to Crimea is said to be unsafe


Yevhen Balickyj, the head of the administration established by Russia in Ukraine’s Zaporozhye region, informed RIA Novosti about the start of the construction of the new railway. He said construction had already begun “from the Donetsk side” in eastern Ukraine.

The current railway line from Rostov Oblast to the Russian-occupied Crimea peninsula passes through the city of Zaporizhia, which is under the control of Kyiv. According to Balický, the new line will lead not far from the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov through the Russian-controlled locations of Jakymivka, Berďansk and Mariupol.

Russia vows retaliation for Crimean bridge. At the same time, he claims that nothing happened

The new railway line should “solve military objectives”, Balickyj said. “In particular, it will be used to export grain to the continent, iron ore, iron scrap, coal and many other raw materials that need to be transported to a large country,” said a representative of the Russian occupation administration.

In the past, Ukraine has repeatedly accused Russia of exporting grain and other natural resources from the occupied territories.

“Driving over the Crimean bridge is not only long, but also dangerous at the moment,” Balickyj also said regarding another railway line that leads from Crimea via the Crimean (Kerch) bridge to the Krasnodar region in the south of Russia.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian army has attacked the Crimean Bridge several times, and traffic had to be interrupted.

The bridge to Crimea was closed, thick smoke rising from it. Just an exercise, reassure the Russians

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