It hasn’t been here yet: a mobile cabin with a built-in hot tub was created from a horse transport truck


When people see his mobile home, they often can’t believe their eyes. Let alone when they learn that the forty-four-year-old Welshman’s entire transformation took only 12 weeks.

However, it wasn’t just like that. “I worked 15 hours a day, seven days a week,” he revealed to The Sun reporters, saying that he could afford such a long break from his own work during the coronavirus pandemic.

Guy used mostly recycled material in the manufacturing and interior design, which helped him keep costs down. For example, he has second-hand tiles, but also kitchen equipment.

A careful observer will certainly not miss the fact that, unlike other mobile homes, this one has paving in the interior, which gives the whole piece an unmistakable rural character. However, it is not actually a paving stone. “The tiles are old roofing, the couches are from an old mattress, the windows are refrigerator doors from a restaurant,” he revealed, then added with great humility, “And it also helped to have a very talented mom who made all the furnishings.”

Guy originally built a mobile cabin with the intention of taking it on a trip to the Alps. In the end, however, he decided to move there permanently. The reason was the same as for many other mobile home residents – he sold the house, got rid of debt, and his housing costs are minimal compared to the original expenses.

In daytime operation, there is a table with two seats in the back.

Photo: AP

The hot tub is built into the floor.


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That’s awesome! This is what glamping looks like in helicopters!

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