The Polish president will entrust the formation of Morawiecki’s government


PiS is the president’s parent party, so the appointment of a party colleague was not unexpected.

“I decided to continue the parliamentary tradition, according to which the winning party has the first opportunity to form a government,” said Duda. According to him, during talks with representatives of both the current coalition and the opposition, both parties made it clear that they would gather the necessary majority in the Sejm.

Law and Justice won 194 seats in the 460-member Sejm and is 37 mandates short of a supermajority. He has no coalition partner.

PiS is starting to play for early elections, Polish media write

Duda has already stated that he will entrust the composition of the new government to the party that wins the elections. He did so despite the fact that Morawiecki’s chances of gaining majority support in parliament are essentially zero.

The parties denied negotiations with PiS

Although Morawiecki claimed that he was negotiating with representatives of opposition parties, mainly the Polish People’s Party (PSL), about joining the government, none of the 27 deputies of this agrarian party confirmed his words.

Morawiecki even stated that PiS is offering PSL the prime minister’s seat, which he believes should be occupied by Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, and he himself would be one of the ministers in such a government. But the head of the PSL denied his words in an interview with and emphasized that Morawiecki “didn’t even talk to him on the phone”.

In the event that the PiS government does not receive the support of the new parliament, the next in line will be the opposition coalition composed of MPs from the Citizens’ Coalition, the Third Way and the Left, which together have 248 mandates, which constitutes a comfortable majority. The candidate for prime minister of this coalition is former prime minister and leader of the Civic Platform (PO) Donald Tusk.

After the elections, a return to the old ways. Gasoline in Poland costs almost the same as in the Czech Republic

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