A spider in a human ear: Doctors filmed the nightmare of arachnophobes

A spider in a human ear: Doctors filmed the nightmare of arachnophobes
A spider in a human ear: Doctors filmed the nightmare of arachnophobes

Few stories can evoke a reaction so strong that we feel it in our whole body. But this one definitely has strong potential for that. Whether you brush your teeth after reading it, start feeling like something is crawling in your ear, or go buy an ear cleaner, it’s understandable.

A 64-year-old woman from Taiwan struggled for four days with the feeling that something was happening in her left ear. She couldn’t even sleep properly. The clicking and rustling sounds that almost never stopped were annoying, but the feeling that something was moving somewhere deep inside her head was even worse. Unfortunately, her worst nightmares finally came true. ENT doctors at a hospital in Taiwan discovered a small and still very much alive spider at the very end of her ear canal, right next to her eardrum.

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The spider measured only about 2-3 millimeters and was a type of grasshopper. These mostly small arthropods live in many places around the world. We have about 72 species in the Czech Republic alone. They do not hunt with the help of webs at all, but pounce on their prey like a true predator.

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The grasshopper was actually very respectful in the Taiwanese woman’s ear. She had left the eardrum intact, and she liked the warm bowels of the woman’s ear canal so much that she didn’t hesitate to shed the old skin there. Unfortunately for her, neither the doctor nor the owner of the ear canal were interested in gentle treatment. The spider was simply sucked out of the ear with the neatly put away coat.

Source: The New England Journal of Medicine, Ars Technica, Jumping-spiders.com

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