When will the new Polish government take office? It probably won’t happen quickly


Although the opposition parties declared their readiness to form a government coalition headed by Donald Tusk from the first moment, the head of state made it clear to everyone on Monday evening that, in his view, the 194 mandates of PiS are significantly more than the 248 seats won by the opposition.

“Continuing in the good parliamentary tradition, I decided to give the winning party the first chance to form a new government and entrusted the task of creating it to the current prime minister and PiS vice-chairman Mariusz Morawiecki,” his words were recalled by the natemat.pl server on Tuesday.

Arithmetic in the Sejm relentless

The problem, however, is that PiS did not get the necessary majority in the Sejm, representing at least 231 mandates, but only 194, which everyone knows very well. For the first time in history, Morawiecki accepts the task of creating a government that has no chance of success.

The arithmetic in the new Sejm, where Jaroslaw Kaczyński’s party has a significant minority, is inexorable. That is also why Duda’s decision, adopted in accordance with PiS’s expectations, was met with resentment by a section of the public, who quickly planned a protest rally in front of the Presidential Palace in the Krakow suburbs of Warsaw on Wednesday evening, reported natemat.pl.

At the same time, he added that if Mateusz Morawiecki had more self-reflection, he would be aware that due to the PiS election result and the lack of interest of other parties in a coalition with him, he has no chance of success.

If Morawiecki’s mission fails, which is more than likely, the next candidate for prime minister will be presented not by the president, but by the lower house of the parliament. However, he will still not be able to form a government cabinet without the authorization of the head of state. However, Duda stated for the Onet.pl server that if such a situation arises, he will fulfill the task arising from it.

The Polish president will entrust the formation of Morawiecki’s government

PiS is starting to play for early elections, Polish media write

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