President Pellegrini? The head of the Voice confirmed that he is considering a candidacy


“I can confirm that I have not ruled out this topic. However, this is still an open question that we in the Hlas party, including myself, have to solve in some way in the coming weeks,” said Pellegrini.

The Speaker of the Parliament claims that he wants to follow the opinion of the public above all. “I want to be guided by whether the people want it at all and whether they will want a president of the people, as I have always spent my time among the people and always stood up for them, or they will have other ideas. I will take all of this into account when making my decision,” stated Pellegrini.

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In this context, Diary N pointed out that as the speaker of the parliament, Pellegrini has an influence on when the elections for the head of state could be held, when they can be announced, but also on how quickly the presidential candidates would have to come up with proposals for their candidacy. “He should even formally examine their nominations,” the paper said.

Former Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok announced on Tuesday that he has enough signatures for his candidacy. According to an older opinion poll, Pellegrini would have a chance to defeat Korčok and become president.

The current head of state, Zuzana Čaputová, has announced that she will not run for a second term. Her term ends on June 15, 2024.

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