The world loves Jews as victims, not otherwise. Israelis are frustrated by anti-war reactions


While Israeli military operations have been underway in the Gaza Strip for a month to destroy the terrorist organization Hamas, which killed over 1,400 people and kidnapped around 240 in southwestern Israel in October, dissenting voices are growing in the rest of the world. But the Israelis do not understand this attitude. They emphasize that they have the right to defend themselves.

Mourning people in Israel after the attack by the Hamas movement. Illustrative photo.

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War in the Middle East it affected not only Israel and the Gaza Strip, but also countries around the world, as it divided society in them. While one group agrees with Israel’s plan to defend the country and eliminate the Hamas movement, the other demands an end to the fighting in Palestine so that no more civilians are killed. But with the pro-Palestinian protests, there are also cases of support for Hamas or the Islamic holy war, and the rate is also increasing antisemitism.

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This behavior is not understood by the people of Israel, and some told CNN that the world has gone mad. “When I see demonstrations with banners supporting HamasI doubt that people understand what is happening here,” Yoav Peled, who was handing out ribbons in Jerusalem to express solidarity with the hostages taken to Gaza, told the American station.

Jewish students in the United States comment on reactions to the war in Gaza:

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According to Peled, the protesters see the conflict too one-sidedly and have a simple sense of justice. “I think the governments of other countries understand that, but ordinary people… I have no idea,” he added.

The frustration of the Israelis is increasing

Due to the negative reactions to military operations Israelis begin to feel that they are being treated unfairly, resulting in frustration.

“The world loves us as victims. There is sympathy for the Jews only when they kill us. But when we want to defend ourselves, it’s the other way around,” Sigal Itzahaková, a teacher at the girls’ religious school, told CNN.

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According to her, the world would react differently if another country found itself in a similar situation. “But Jews do not have the right to live in peace. I’m sorry, but no one understands,” she added.

Musician Yonatan Rapaport, who recently completed his mandatory military service, is also frustrated by the approach to Israel in the West or in Asia. “I’m 22 years old and I’ve been to four funerals in the last four weeks. Two of my friends died in terrorist attacks. I don’t understand why people ask why we attack the The Gaza Strip. Don’t we have the right to protect our civilians? What should be a reasonable response?” he told CNN.

Rising rates of anti-Semitism in the United States:

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But Rapaport also understands the criticism of the Prime Minister’s actions Benjamin Netanyahu. “The conflict is not black and white and there is very legitimate criticism of the Israeli government, for example over the occupation West Bank of Jordan. But at the same time it cannot be said that it is okay to kill 1400 inhabitants. In addition, conversations about inappropriate government actions often devolve into hateful statements against Jews,” he said.

However, according to the young musician, Netanyahu’s cabinet should bear the consequences the October 7 attacks. “After the war, everyone should retire. I don’t trust Netanyahu as a person, but now we are at war, I have to trust him as a leader,” he said.

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