Zelenskyj under pressure, his own people are said to be after him. He sent a dense message to Putin


07.11.2023 22:41 | Monitoring

In an interview with NBC News, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy emphasized that the Ukrainians are not going to give up, and he did not hold back against Russian President Vladimir Putin, whom he called a “fucking terrorist.” He appealed for military help from the West. According to available information, a political struggle is taking place inside Ukraine over the way the conflict with Russia is being conducted. Zelensky is criticized by his ex-consultant Oleksiy Arestovyčov, who has decided to run against him in the next presidential election.


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We are not ready to give our freedom to this fucking terrorist Putin. And it is done. That’s why we are fighting,” said President Zelensky in an exclusive interview for the Meet the Press program broadcast by the station NBC. At the same time, he turned to the West to supply warplanes to Ukraine, otherwise his sons and daughters will be dying in a war with Russia in a few years.

Zelensky’s harsh rhetoric towards his Russian counterpart had to be “bipped off” by the station. He also reiterated his position that Ukraine will not hold any peace talks with Russia, and refuted claims by Ukrainian Chief of General Staff Valery Zaluzhny that the war is at a stalemate stage.

His former adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, who often commented on Ukrainian defense in the media, spoke out against the Ukrainian president for the way he conducted the war with Russia. However, he resigned from the post of Ukrainian head of state in January after his statements regarding the missile attack in the Dnipro, which he attributed to Ukrainian air defense. Now Arestovych criticizes, for example, Kiev’s allegedly excessive obsession with conquering Bakhmut, she said CNN Prime NEWS.

The presidential adviser expressed the opinion that Zelenskyi is not an asset to the country. “Our leadership has stifled business, personal freedoms and political competition, instead it quarrels with neighbors and allies, supports corruption,” further commented Zelensky’s ex-consultant, who also announced that he will run for president against Zelensky.

However, according to Reuters, Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Zelenskyi is considering calling for elections. When the elections in war-torn Ukraine could take place, however, is not yet clear.

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