Ukraine is at war on the interpretation front. And you can help her with Timothy Snyder


The war trail is the Tuesday form of the Point N newsletter. It has a timeless form and in it we place in the context of the main events that influence the current war. On a weekly basis, it is supplemented with a daily overview called Development of Battles.

We also focus on novel points of view, possible other development scenarios or technology in the center of attention. Every week we bring a tip for a fundraiser or project that can be used to help the attacked Ukraine.

The most important event

Russian initiative: It can be said that the Russians took the initiative, although of course this is true to varying degrees for different places on the thousand-kilometer long front. The biggest fighting is taking place near Avdijivka – it is a Russian attack against the Ukrainian-controlled salient extending to occupied Donetsk.

The fighting at Avdijivka was covered by our colleagues in our daily review, here only by telegraph: Russian pressure fluctuates but continues, the immediate collapse of the Ukrainian defense is not happening, and it is impossible to say whether the strengthened Ukrainian defense will prove to be more effective, or the Russian effort to rush everything into an attack without regardless of losses as with Bachmut.

The Russians are also hitting Ukrainian cities with long-range weapons – they damaged a museum and injured eight people in an attack on Odesa. The attack apparently targeted a nearby port used to load grain onto ships. The Russians thus continue to try to – to put it simply – make the world hungry and as unstable as possible.

Colored arrows show more significant attacks by ground forces in the last week. The map does not show artillery attacks or cruise missile attacks. Map: Diary N, source: Kikos, Wikimedia CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Interpretation queue: In this sphere, Ukraine faces several weapons. On the one hand, there is a generally increasing trend of describing the fighting as a stalemate – an interpretation that can be continued by considerations of a frozen conflict, the need for a cease-fire, and ultimately the futility of further aid to the attacked country.

He then summarized the limits on the side of Ukraine in a very specific form

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