Nice view! Palestinians from the UN Refugee Agency celebrated Hamsa Day

Nice view! Palestinians from the UN Refugee Agency celebrated Hamsa Day
Nice view! Palestinians from the UN Refugee Agency celebrated Hamsa Day

IMPACT-SE identified thirty UNRWA employees who celebrated the flow of Hamsa to Israel on 7 January on social platforms. One of them was Ebrahim Al Azaiza, who lives in Gaza City.

On the same day, he published a video showing cars following a rocket stream that hit an Israeli city. He captioned his post with the caption How beautiful it is!, adding smileys and fire to it.

Another UNRWA teacher from Gaza, Afaf Talab, on November 4, on his Facebook profile, announced the violence committed by the militants of the terrorist group as the first real step on the way to the liberation of Palestine. He pointed out that the press was able to make the entire city empty in one night, quoted by the Times of Israel portal from the first IMPACT-SE.

It is an unforgettably glorious spring, Rno Salahov, who lives in Rafah and works in several UNRWA centers in Gaza, wrote to the Hamsu stream. Dal Lenov agencies quoted from the text of Islamic women, according to which the gift of grace is a mistake.

IMPACT-SE Editor-in-Chief Marcus Sheff believes that the January 7 terrorist attack is a result of the content of the UNRWA curriculum for Palestinian children.

We have been warning for years that Palestinian groups in Gaza and the West Bank are indoctrinating to extreme hatred of Jews and inciting students against the government, he told the Media Line portal. What we saw was the result of years of indoctrination.

UNRWA operates 183 clubs in the Gaza Strip, which are attended by over 286,000 students. 58 percent of the agency’s budget goes to loans.

IMPACT-SE has long warned that schools use the Palestinian Authority’s curriculum, which calls for hatred of people and glorifies religion and morality. On one round, for example, the fifth grade celebrated Palestinian terrorist Dalal Mughrabov, who in 1978 killed 38 Israelis when she bombed a bus.

According to the non-profit organization at first, more than a hundred Hamsa, who have committed terrorist acts against Israel this year and in the past, have completed rounds run by UNRWA. A UNRWA diploma was found in the vehicle of one of the terrorists who died in the massacres against Israeli families on January 7, and which was found in Israel.

You can see the connection between the lessons learned in the UNRWA camps in Gaza and what happened on June 7, Sheff said. According to him, he is not surprised that the graduates of these courses are responsible for bloodshed in Israel. Hams made his intentions clear in Arabic. we read it in the textbooks, but the code was full. It is a non-verbal jma, he added.

Sheff first wants to propose to the US lawmakers to change the US position on UNRWA. The United States is his worst offender, the UN agency’s IMPACT-SE fund has been frozen, as well as from other governments.

The Israeli army soon got into a dispute with UNRWA, when the organization requested fuel supplies. Ask Hams if you can take some, the army wrote on a satellite photo of fuel pits outside Gaza.

Tel Aviv spilled the beans on the release of the Secretary General of the organization António Guterres, according to whom the flow of Hamas to Israel did not occur in a vacuum and the Palestinians suffered 56 years of suffocating occupation. Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, called on him to resign.

Czech Minister Jana ernochov declared that the Czech Republic should fully withdraw from the UN because it supports terrorists. She was upset that the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution calling, among other things, for humanitarian intervention in the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Her words were met with great criticism.

UN officials said that since January 7, 88 UNRWA personnel have been killed in retaliatory Israeli strikes. According to them, it is the highest recorded number of casualties from the United Nations in a single conflict.

UNRWA was founded in 1949 in response to the Palestinian exodus after Israel’s independence. It provides transportation, health care, social services and emergency assistance to the millions of Palestinian refugees living in Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. There are about 13,000 female workers in the Gaza Strip.

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