The minimum wage will rise, if I refuse to do so. A bouquet of flowers for me

The minimum wage will rise, if I refuse to do so. A bouquet of flowers for me
The minimum wage will rise, if I refuse to do so. A bouquet of flowers for me

The minimum wage was introduced in our country in 1991, and it is regulated by the government. It is not yet clear how tall it will be in the fifth year, but there will certainly be an increase. The employees are happy about it, I am their employer. Mr. Kvty testified about it.

She works as a full-time cleaner and receives minimum wage. Probhajc watches one of him from outside. But he said to me, don’t ask for my salary, because I would be too expensive for him to work, so he cut my work tie. And if I don’t agree with that, and then with the question. What about the first one? ask tenka

The wage that the employee receives for the work performed must never be, the minimum wage is not set by the law, but rather, the wage is not guaranteed, it depends on what work the employee performs. It follows that the concluded contract is binding on both contracting parties.

The employer cannot unilaterally decide to change your employment relationship. Short working hours are possible, but only if agreed in written agreements, explains lawyer Lucie Kalaov working with bpv Braun Partners.

The employer cannot force the employee to change the employment contract, and the employee does not have to agree to the change of the contract. Disagreement with a change of bond is not a valid reason for an employer to terminate an employment relationship, added Kalaov.

In the event that the salary or salary without salary or salary for Pesas work, payment for work on a holiday, for non-working hours, for work in a restricted working environment and for work on Saturdays and Sundays does not equal guaranteed wages, the employer is obliged to the employees provide an additional payment equal to the requested level. If he does not provide the additional payment, it can be claimed in court.

If the employee does not dare to formulate a claim and does not have enough financial resources for the services of a lawyer, I recommend that you look up the conditions under which a lawyer can provide free initial advice on the website of the Czech Bar Association, and submit such advice to the Chamber, the advice of the lawyer.

In order to change the attitude of the employer, there is an inspection by the labor inspectorate, to which the employee can submit a request, free of charge. Although the labor inspector does not have the authority to decide on the employer’s obligation to pay, he can find him guilty of the violation and impose a fine. This often leads to the fact that the company owes additional payments.

The minimum wage should motivate

The minimum wage should increase your motivation to work and not rely on social security. Raising the minimum wage should, in particular, ensure a minimum standard of living for people working in low-paid jobs, i.e. cover the cost of housing, food, health care and other basic needs, said Gabriela Ivanco, tax adviser at Mazars.

Accordingly, the increase in the minimum wage should increase the protection of female workers, reduce their abuse and unfair working conditions.

An increase in the minimum wage should support consumption, because people with higher incomes will spend more, which should have a positive impact on economic growth and business. On the other hand, the increase in the minimum wage can be attributed to the increase in prices in the economy, Mr. Ivanco.

Compared to other EU countries, we are not the best off: for comparison, the minimum wage in Luxembourg is 57,000 crowns, in our country it is 13,200 crowns, and the lowest is Bulgaria with almost 10,000 crowns.


The minimum wage for the year is 17,300 crowns per month. It has a major impact on the number of due limits determined for taxes and other deductions.

  • The minimum wage is the exempt basis of the health insurance for persons without taxable income, who are, for example, students over 26 years of age or unemployed without a job record. This year, pay 2,336 crowns per month to health insurance companies.
  • In accordance with the Employment Act, a job application must be kept in the work register if his monthly salary from the employment contract or remuneration from the employment agreement does not exceed half of the minimum wage, i.e. for the year 2023, 8,650 crowns.
  • According to the Income Tax Act, income in the form of regularly paid income or pension up to 36 times the minimum wage is exempt from tax, this year income up to 622,800 crowns per year is exempt from income tax.
  • In addition to the minimum wage, it has an effect on the possibility of obtaining a tax bonus. In 2023, he requested a fee, which in the tax period had an income of at least estimate of the minimum wage, i.e. a fee with various incomes from employment or self-employment reaching at least 103,800 crowns.
  • The minimum wage affects the maximum discount for a child’s place (the so-called stamp duty), which has been reduced to 17,300 crowns per year for 2023.

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