Top cars that celebrities drive. Greta Thunberg was also surprised

Top cars that celebrities drive. Greta Thunberg was also surprised
Top cars that celebrities drive. Greta Thunberg was also surprised

Sports cars, giant pick-ups and veterans. Czech and foreign personalities and celebrities are very patient with what they drive. In the overview below you will find the cars of celebrities, including the eco-activist Greta Thunberg.

Leoš Mareš

The popular presenter and singer, who is also known for his love of cars, appeared, for example, in a Lamborghini Aventador, which was supposed to cost 8.5 million crowns. On his Instagram account, he joked about his Rolls-Royce Cullinan that it had the most kilometers in the world, 100,000. Previously, he raced in an Audi R8 or a Ferrari 360 Modena, for example.

Andrej Babiš

The head of the ANO movement and former prime minister Andrej Babiš was seen driving a Mini Cooper Clubman in France. He boasted on his Instagram that he bought an electric Škoda Enyaq Coupé RS iV. The car can have a power of up to 220 kW. Before the election, he also had himself photographed in his motorhome, and he should also have a luxury Mercedes Maybach in his garage.

Peter Paul

When was preparing questions for the presidential candidates, which included, among other things, property, Petr Pavel stated that he owns a BMW 2 series and a Volkswagen Golf from 2010. He is proud of his sporty BMW. “It is my sports car for every day and a fulfilled driving dream,” he told the Motorvize portal. Pavel is also a passionate motorcyclist.

Karlos Vémola

The well-known Czech wrestler appeared behind the wheel of many interesting cars. Whether it was a Ford Mustang or a six-liter Hummer H2, but also a Bentley Continental GT or a Mercedes AMG G modified by Brabus. The Ford Mustang with a five-liter eight-cylinder engine and the Terminator inscription on the rear wing finally went “out into the world” in 2021. Vémol’s cars also had custom license plates referring to his time in the UFC.

Dominika Myslivcová

A pink and white convertible Abarth Spider with the inscription Barbie could probably be bought by no one other than influencer Dominika Myslivcová. She also took to social media to brag about a funny incident where two bachelors took pictures of her Mercedes S63 and then tried to pack her and her friend, casually leaning against her car to make it look like they owned it. “So I say definitely not and if he allows… We unlock, get in and drive… I’ve never seen anyone blush so quickly“, Myslivcová described.

​As far as stars from abroad are concerned, a musician Steven Tyler from the group Aerosmith bought a unique sports car Hennessey Venom GT Spyder around 2012 for 1.1 million dollars, i.e. around 2.5 million crowns. Singer Beyonce she bet on the classics and has a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud II convertible, a model produced since 1959. Like Steven Tyler, the actor Dwayne Johnson he went to the Hennessey brand for his car, but he chose the VelociRaptor V8, a giant pick-up by Czech standards. Actor Eddie Murphy had his picture taken in front of his 6.3 liter Mercedes SLS AMG.

Sometimes even a fighter for a greener tomorrow has to rely on transport Greta Thunberg. For example, in 2020, while visiting Bristol, UK, she was driven in an electric Nissan LEAF. In 2019, after sailing to the US on a yacht, she drove in a Tesla Model 3, which was given to her by actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

And here are the shots of the Czech police sports car:

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