Exhibition: Sexualization and objectification of women through the eyes of seven female artists


Objectification of women is a phenomenon in which women are perceived as objects and treated as such. It can be sexist ads, sexualization of women in art and media, pornography and much more.

Anna Praibišová is the curator of the exhibition, which opens up the subject of objectification with the works of seven contemporary artists.

“However, the exhibition is not a self-pitying confession of female artists, but a testimony to contemporary women’s work, which is created in a society that still measures women with a double standard,” says Anna Praibišová, adding that the theme of objectification of the artist Lenka Chánová, Julie Kopová, Wlasta Laura, Lucie Rosická Marie Štumpfová, Dominika Vyskočilová and Antonie Zichová interpret in the form of various techniques and motifs.

Lighted up cars, record player and hockey players. A multimedia park has been built for the second time at Prague’s Džbán swimming pool

For the painter Lenka Chánová, who touches on topics such as motherhood or eating disorders, it is very difficult to grasp these topics. “After experiencing inappropriate behavior on the part of men, I don’t understand at all how someone can behave like this,” says Lenka, who also encountered male incomprehension during the defense of her diploma thesis.

Lucie Rosická, a textile artist and painting student at the Prague Academy of Arts, works with motifs of intimacy and femininity, and she began to feel objectification as early as puberty, when she wanted to become a model.

Antonie Zichová works on the topic actively. “How many times it is present in my works even unconsciously, given that my work helps me cope with various traumas,” he adds.

Photo: Sarah Köverová

The exhibition Woman by Object – a painting by Antonia Zichová

Beat Sexism is a non-profit organization with an international reach that deals with women’s legal issues, sexism, gender equality and discrimination. Its founder is Blerta Sejdija, who also spreads awareness about these topics with the help of her podcast.

The exhibition will include an accompanying program every Wednesday in November in the form of talks with guests. They will deal with topics such as the position of women in leadership positions, sexual and domestic violence and the objectification of women in advertising.

Julie Kopová will represent Czech art at the prestigious Christie’s auction house

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