Cigarettes will soon be retro. Banning angry tablets is nonsense, k expert


European Union she banned sale of a naked tablet with flavors. One of the reasons is that the flavor attracts children. However, you and other experts warn that corruption is not the way to go, because for her, these products represent a healthy alternative. Is there any way in between?
Yes, you are right that the taste of e-cigarettes and other products is a concern for children. Therefore, we should be careful, especially in their availability. On the other hand, flavor is a big factor that makes people deviate from regular cigarettes. So we have to consider the benefits and consequences of such destruction. For those who use these products, there are real health benefits, while children experimenting with e-cigarettes will risk their health.

But children often only use e-cigarettes for a short period of time when they experiment with it. So when we take up this issue from a public health point of view, I would suggest that both e-cigarettes have introduced hooks for it. I really don’t think bad taste causes this problem. On the contrary, we risk that dogs will return to classic cigarettes. And the danger is that those who take the flavored tablets will try to swallow them themselves, which would be risky.

Karl Erik Lund

    • Senior researcher at The Norwegian Institute of Public Health
    • In the years 2006-2018, he was a research editor at the Norwegian Institute for Alcohol and Drug Research.
    • Since the mid-1980s, he has been working on drug control, and in 2000 he received the award of the Norsk Läskask Association in preventive medicine.
    • He was a member of several expert committees, including the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) WHO.
    • He was a trial expert in several lawsuits against the tobacco industry.
    • Holder of Ph.D. in the field of sociology since 1996 and in 2009 he was formally recognized as a professor.

So what would you recommend instead of destruction?
Limited sales so that the flavored tablet is only available in specialized stores. I’m going to raise your age limit to 21. And he decided how this tablet would be packaged so that it would be without misleading writing, logos or colors and only in a generic packaging. Another thing that can be done is to add leaflets to the boxes of classic cigarettes that inform about less harmful alternatives. If you can’t or don’t want to stop using nicotine, there are other ways. And if this information were in cigarette packs, it wouldn’t reach so many people who smoke.

What’s going on in Esk?

They are approx two million kuk, a user of alternatives to classic cigarettes. Gave a tenth of the population UV electronic cigarettes, 6.6 percent of tobacco and 2.8 percent nicotine content. One in four of young people between the ages of 15 and 24 use electronic cigarettes.

So my recommendation is clear, let’s leave the flavored tab and give it to me, not cigarettes, so that the now-classic cigarettes find their way to it. And when will the children be angry or angry? It won’t be the end of the world. Children and young people have always done and will always do what adults do. We have to be prepared for that. But in general, I think that the overall advantages would outweigh the disadvantages.

Nicotine cravings won’t go away. Cigarettes will be retro

I don’t buy, so I don’t know about alternative tablets. Can you briefly describe the difference between classic cigarettes and smokeless products?
Products with a heated table use batteries that bring the table to the required temperature, which is from 215 to 400 degrees. Take him here, I won’t spend the day in the incinerator. When you light up and take a puff, the first leg releases chemical compounds of which there are around seven thousand found in cigarettes, of which around seventy are carcinogenic. So that’s the last part.

When you look at other alternatives, the least harmful are nicotine patches, which are on the same level as medical use of nicotine, for example in patches or bags. And then there’s snus (vkak tabk, note ed.), where the risk is between 5 and 10 percent compared to normal cigarettes. With e-cigarettes, of course, there is a risk for the respiratory system. And in the case of a smoked tab, the risk is 15- and 35 percent compared to classic cigarettes. The risk of self-harm is also among these products, but it is much less with classic or self-packaged cigarettes and smokes.

Do you think that classic cigarettes have a future, when we know how harmful they are, and the whole country is campaigning against it and trying to fight against it?
Cigarettes have dominated the nicotine market for about 110 years. The alternatives we talked about, however, can compete with cigarettes and dominate the market if their development continues and they are available to everyone. I think that the first flavor of the tablet can be collected here. And it is very important how much the market will be fragmented and how much we will limit baseless tablet products. In general, I think that cigarettes will remain in the future, but they will be retro, just like you, cars with an internal combustion engine. Or like today’s record player on the daily music market.

What does a cigarette butt contain?

We can find for example in koui arsenic, carbon monoxide, which has a highly damaging effect on the heart-cvn suite, benzene, toluene, chromium, cadmium and hydrogen cyanidewhich is used in the production of chemical weapons.

About a hundred of these substances are carcinogenic, others are poisonous (cyanide, arachnid) or contain mutagenic agents (DDT).

When the kook and the quack pull in the kook, the temperature of the end of the cigarette is 900 and 1100 degrees Celsius and the st oil is washed and the st is inhaled.

What about tabkov companies? Will cigarette manufacturers want to give up?
It is not sustainable for tabkov companies to continue with the production of what is not healthy and takes the lives of their customers. State yourself that you want a future without cigarette smoke. Someone asks me how we can help them, but the fact is that the demand for nicotine will continue into the future, because it is stimulating and people use it for relief, relaxation, stimulation, like you caffeine in kv. So the nicotine weed vacationer will still be here. It is the responsibility of researchers to accept this and try to find ways to consume nicotine with as little risk as possible if people want it.

What is the best way for people nowadays to try to stop smoking cigarettes and fall for other products?
Part one is to ensure adequate risk awareness. Many people think that smokeless products are just as harmful as classic cigarettes, so don’t even think about alternatives. And the type of vc is heavily taxed, which should first respond to the risk. If less harmful products are taxed less, it will encourage people to change. And what’s great about the change is the purist approach, i.e. the idea that, in the ideal case, the company would be completely nicotine-free. Instead, we should try to find alternative ways to reduce the smoke of classic cigarettes.

One of the great things about these new products is that they are hard to use, you have to charge yourself. And for some they are not satisfactory enough. It is therefore important that the dogs find a shelter that suits them best. First, they can be advised by specialized shops, which should become the point of contact for helping people who want to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

You mentioned that snus has one of the biggest risks. In some EU countries, the bag is prohibited. As?
The reason is that England refused to put a nicotine product on the market where there are cigarettes. The EU then followed suit. When the Czech Republic entered it, they negotiated an exception and snus was not banned there, because it is popular with the Czechs and has been established for a long time. About half of the people who take a tab there buy snus first. And in Norway, which is not in the EU, snus made up only 7 percent of the nicotine market, which was dominated by cigarettes, about twenty years ago. During the last twenty years, however, the situation has changed and now 50 percent of the tab is consumed as snus. And we managed to cut the table by 30 percent.

How did it happen?
Snus is the most popular substitute for cigarettes. Last year, according to a report, more than 50 percent of the people who died first smoked snus. Another thing that played an important role was that so new tabkov companies started to focus on snus. This has a diversionary effect. Also, in Norway, the selection of new chicks did not take place. Snus is not risk-free, but the risk is much lower than that of cigarettes.

If there will be a demand for nicotine in the future, like in the past, it is much better to use snus instead of classic cigarettes. So, I would like to add that in the country you can use these or those for a while, much less in Norway. When you look at the statistics, these people consume the same tablet as the EU average. But the disease associated with the use of tablets, there are half of them, the same as death.

Limit risks, not prohibit them

I am referring to the pragmatic approach to the questions that we have actually described. But can you explain the string?
Seventy years ago, when I started researching tobacco, the main goal was to dream of death and illness associated with their use, not to fight nicotine as such. And I will die forever. After many years, the traditional way of controlling drug products, such as spoilage and limited, tax, drug denormalization and an informed campaign, we still see that it is not enough for a full drug ban.

In society, some groups are more at risk than others. Many of them are working and low-income, often with mental illnesses. These people need another strategy in addition to those traditions. And that is the principle of harm reduction (risk reduction in vertical behavior, note ed.).

What exactly does this principle mean?
The basic idea is that we make tobacco more accessible and at the same time provide ways for the safe use of nicotine products. It is not completely limited or ruined, as the so-called purist wants. People who don’t want to or can’t quit using nicotine should get an alternative option. One of them is the first tubeless tab products,

The principle of harm reduction itself has four key points. The first of these is to make these products available on the market and attractive to cuckoos. Then pay attention to regulation with little risk. This option is to actively inform customers about the dangers of individual products. It is essential that we are open to alternatives to cigarettes. Therefore, even if I stop thinking that nicotine should be used to reduce smoking, I call it a pragmatist.

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