Young people are getting worse at English, Brno saves the situation, the test showed

Young people are getting worse at English, Brno saves the situation, the test showed
Young people are getting worse at English, Brno saves the situation, the test showed

The results are based on research that is based on the EF Standard English Test, which is used worldwide to demonstrate the level of English in colleges, companies and government institutions. According to his results, even they have a high level of language, but in this section they are at the bottom. The Dutch are the best for a long time.

they lost a lot of points this year and fell from 23rd place to 26th place. According to Sabina Wyrbov from the Czech branch of EF, it is not only the low level of English in the basic classes that is responsible for this. Compared to other European countries, Czech children use quality language education outside the public sector much less. In middle school and in adulthood, knowledge of the language will catch up, he describes.

According to n, the online vuka from the time of the pandemic plays its role. With Vuka languages, it is necessary to actively use the language, to try to communicate, even with mistakes, and this possibility has not been here for a long time. wheels and catch up with what they have blocked, but do not move forward. This also led to stagnation and decline in the Czech Republic, to Wyrbov.

In Esk we can observe differences between individual regions. The tests showed that the people and employees in South Moravia are the best off.

This year, such global trends were tested for the first time. The author of the survey, Kate Bell, drew attention to the important role of English in the world. The Leton index creates the illusion of global stability, as English makes all regions the same, but the truth is that gains in some countries and regions are offset by losses in others, she said.

However, global trends show a declining knowledge of English among young people aged 18-20, the most significant decline was recorded by large countries, including India and Indonesia. In many other countries, including the Czech Republic, there was a significant decrease in connection with the covid-19 pandemic.

The worldwide trend of improving equality among employees continues. But ask about the differences in the knowledge of men and women – for men it goes straight up, for women, on the contrary, it goes down. The differences between the sexes are not even. Gender parity has been achieved or is being achieved in 63 countries, but not in the Czech Republic.

Education First is the largest private educational organization founded in 1965 in the country. Currently, there are 43 thousand employees and 500 circles in 100 countries of the world.

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