Linguistics. Zeman took down Liechtenstein and those who help them

Linguistics. Zeman took down Liechtenstein and those who help them
Linguistics. Zeman took down Liechtenstein and those who help them

Mr. President, Nigeria denied Prime Minister Fiala a visit at the last minute. It is said that this is the attitude of the Czech Republic towards Israel. But the main theme is that it is a failure of Czech diplomacy, which could have foreseen it or arranged the visit badly. How do you see it?

Prime Minister Fiala has my sympathy for the fact that he participated in the pro-Israel meeting in the Old Town Square. As for the failure of diplomacy, of course it is. But let’s answer the question, who is at the head of Czech diplomacy? When we say this name, we also have an answer.

As for the Prime Minister, he became the target of ridicule after his PR published a video of shopping in Germany and found that he can buy cheaper there than at home. Ordinary people have known this for years. The Germans also wrote mocking articles. They say that when a politician starts to be ridiculous to people, that’s the beginning of the end.

Yes, that’s the worst thing that can happen to him. I share this opinion. It’s kind of like when someone tells you they just invented the wheel or discovered America. In this case, you will say that it is a matter of so-called notoriety, i.e. things that have long been generally known. This applies not only to food prices in Germany but also in our country. In conclusion, I would like to add that I do not like Nutella and it is absolutely disgusting. We are supposed to eat normal chocolate.

People fear that after the new year, electricity prices will start to rise again, as announced by ERO. However, the government assures that the price will only increase by a few percent and most people will not be affected. Should we get used to the fact that electricity will no longer be cheap?

I asked my experts what the share of the regulated component is in the total price of electricity, and they told me that it was 30 percent. Then it’s simple multiplication. The Energy Regulatory Office increases prices by 71 percent, times 0.3 is roughly 21 percent. It follows that we can expect a roughly twenty percent price increase. So no percent units. Of course, the objection to this is that power electricity can get cheaper, which I don’t really believe in as I watch the war in the Middle East and its effects. I would even fear the analogy of the oil embargo of 1973. In the best case, the price of electricity will remain the same, not decrease.

How do you currently view Israel’s progress in the fight against Hamas?

This is mainly a matter for the soldiers and I do not consider myself an expert in this area, but what interests me far more is the reaction especially in Western Europe, which is strongly anti-Israel and I believe that it is mainly the reaction of Muslim minorities in some Western European countries. Mainly in Great Britain, where there are Pakistanis, and in France, where there are people from North Africa. It is a mistake that Europe accepted these economic immigrants as a rule. I have always spoken out against migration, including the last presidential campaign. While my opponent then signed a petition in support of migration. I still maintain my opinion.

It looks like Germany is starting to wake up from this slumber of the migration illusion. Isn’t it too late for Europe to wake up and start solving this problem of the mass of Muslim migrants?

The Germans only came to their senses when they declared a Muslim caliphate on the territory of Germany in Essen. If they wanted such a blow between the eyes to wake up, I feel a little sorry for them. If they were more intelligent, they would have understood this much earlier. I told Chancellor Merkel that she invited guests to lunch, which she then sends to neighboring countries. We escaped that to some extent.

I add that I have always been in favor of Ukrainian refugees, but beware. Only women, children and old people. I have publicly said that young men, of which there are also plenty here, should fight on the fronts and not emigrate.

What do you think about the recent words of Defense Minister Jana Černochová in response to the UN vote that the Czech Republic should withdraw from this organization? Some began to tell her that such a vote was the opinion of the countries of the world and we would have to leave the planet Earth…

No it is not true. I would like to remind you that there is a country that withdrew from the UN, although it later returned, and that country is called Indonesia. It happened a long time ago, but it’s good to know.

Do you understand the statement itself? She was even called to resign.

I understand that, it’s not about resignation. I would rather associate this with the F-35 fighters, because I am a supporter of the Gripens, as is generally known. It was an emotional statement, which I respect in a way.

After a while, talk began about the claims of the Liechtensteiners, who, through President Pavel, gave the Czech government a proposal for an out-of-court settlement in the form of establishing a joint fund that would be managed by their foundation and the Czech state at the same time. There were also opinions that it would be a breach of Beneš’s decrees.

Yes. I registered that recently the Czech courts again issued a decision rejecting the Lichtensteins’ request for the return of their property. Let’s respect the opinion of the Czech courts and not play judge ourselves.

Petr Pavel and allegedly some of his advisors are closely involved in the case. Despite the discouragement, the President himself met at the United Nations with the prince and subsequently with the judge of the European Court of Human Rights, where Liechtenstein is suing the Czech Republic. I know your reluctance to comment on the successor, but still, will you say something about it?

I can only answer with what I would do in the place of the current president. Nothing more, nothing less. Never in my life would I think of meddling in this dispute. If I were to interfere in it, then on the side of the Czech Republic and not on the side of Liechtenstein.

I read the paid advertisement of the Liechtensteins, where they offer the out-of-court settlement, which is apparently motivated by the fact that the courts have rejected their claims. When the Czech courts refused them, why give way if it is not necessary? By the way, the ad looks a bit like an ad for washing powder or a fairy tale about Jezinky. We just stick two fingers in there, we just warm up and we’ll go again right away.

Most politicians across parties opposed the settlement. Practically only KDU-ČSL politicians promote it. They say that it is in the interest of the Czech citizens that the Liechtensteins did not collaborate with the Nazis, even though there are known documents about their sponsorship of the SS or congratulating Hitler on the Munich Agreement. What does it say?

This indicates that people who hold this opinion should first of all renounce their Czech citizenship and apply for Liechtenstein citizenship. In such a case, their actions should definitely not be evaluated as treason.

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