MEPs vote on the Euro 7 emission standard

MEPs vote on the Euro 7 emission standard
MEPs vote on the Euro 7 emission standard

According to the proposal, which was already approved on September 25 by the ministers of the EU member states responsible for competitiveness, car manufacturers should reduce the emissions of new vehicles less than the original plan, and at the same time they should have a longer time to prepare the changes. Specifically, the emission limits for passenger and commercial vehicles should remain at the level already contained in the current Euro 6 emission standard. As for trucks, these limits should be slightly stricter.

Already in mid-October, the European Parliament’s Committee for the Environment (ENVI) approved its report on the emission standard. At the same time, in approving the text, he talks about even longer transitional periods during which the standard should be put into practice. This means a longer period for the industry to prepare for the new legislation.

Only the next weeks will show what the final version of the regulation will be. The vote in the European Parliament will be followed by the so-called trilogues, which are a key part of the adoption of EU standards. The Spanish Presidency, MEPs and the European Commission will work on the final text.

The modified Euro 7 standard can extend the life of the Škoda Fabia

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