The Michelin restaurant will close after 26 years. She is too expensive

The Michelin restaurant will close after 26 years. She is too expensive
The Michelin restaurant will close after 26 years. She is too expensive

The restaurant was opened in 1997 by the Northern Irish chef Michael Deane, the establishment earned a Michelin star just a year later. But now the bell rang with a successful flight. As the representatives of the restaurant announced, they will end their operations this year.

“When people visit us, they have certain expectations. But the costs of meeting them have doubled since the lockdowns and are out of control. And we can’t double the prices,” said local chef Alex Greene, who was also a finalist in the Great British Menu television competition in the past, for CNN.

Representatives of the fine dining establishment also stated that they plan to reopen with a new focus, they would like to focus on the concept of “price-performance ratio”.

The tasting menu at Deanes EIPIC costs 100 pounds (approx. 2800 crowns). According to CNN, restaurants are paying for the fact that Belfast does not have as high a number of mobile potential customers as, for example, many times larger London or Paris.

“The concept of luxury dining with white linen tablecloths seems to be a thing of the past. Modern Michelin restaurants are fundamentally simpler, but the passion and quality of the food remains. It is more economical. Although the market for traditional fine dining still exists, it is shrinking,” says Greene.

More Michelin restaurants are closing

The end of a Northern Irish restaurant is no exception in the world of Michelin restaurants. In January, the Copenhagen restaurant Noma, which has repeatedly been the best restaurant in the world in the past, announced the end of its operations. According to owner René Redzepi, the fine dining model was “unsustainable”. The Danish business will close to the public at the end of 2024.

In August, world-renowned English-French chef Michel Roux Jr. announced the end of his London restaurant Le Gavroche, which boasts two Michelin stars. It will end operations in January of next year. As the reason, Roux stated that he “wants to have more work-life balance”.

One of the best restaurants in the world is coming to an end, but you still have time for a reindeer heart

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