Ukrainians are also fighting for the rest of Europe, the Kremlin propagandist admitted


“Russia is big enough, we don’t need to conquer more territory. What we have done so far has been motivated by trying to ensure our own security,” said Vladimir Solovyov, one of the leading faces of Russian propaganda and an ardent supporter of the war in Ukraine, on his Rossiya 1 TV show.

According to Solovyov, Russia’s goals were clearly defined by President Vladimir Putin. “This does not mean that, theoretically, we will stop in Kyiv, Warsaw or Paris. We will stop where we feel that our safety is ensured,” Solovyov added menacingly. According to him, Russia will have to live for a long time in conflicts “with evil external enemies”. He indirectly admitted that the war in Ukraine affects all of Europe, and if the Ukrainians do not defend their land, the Russians intend to advance further west.

From the beginning, Solovyov has vehemently supported Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine and has become famous for a series of controversial, offensive statements. In April 2023, for example, he declared that “when Russia takes care of Ukraine, it should take care of the Baltics,” and called for the destruction of Warsaw and Berlin.

Who attacked Russian Pskov? Ukraine is far away, Solovyov calls for the destruction of the Baltics

Solovyov routinely calls the Ukrainian government “Nazi” and claims that the West is trying to destroy Russia through the war in Ukraine. Last year, he declared about the Czech Republic that “it supplies weapons to the Ukrainian regime with the same pleasure as the Czechs armed Nazi Germany.”

After Ukraine, we will declare war on Europe, claims Solovyov

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