Both Hamas and Israel are guilty of crimes, said the UN Commission on Human Rights

Both Hamas and Israel are guilty of crimes, said the UN Commission on Human Rights
Both Hamas and Israel are guilty of crimes, said the UN Commission on Human Rights

The actions carried out by the Palestinian armed groups on January 7 were heinous, brutal and eye-popping, and they were all crimes, as well as taking hostages, said Volker Trk of the Rafah Egyptian infantry. Hams then murdered 1400 people and kidnapped around 240 dalch.

The collective criminalization of Palestinian civilians by Israel is just as serious a crime as the illegal forcible evacuation of civilians, Trk added.

Since January 7, 10,500 Palestinians, including more than 4,300 children, have died at the Israeli dog shelter in the Gaza Strip, according to the central command of the Hamas movement. These values ​​cannot be independently evaluated.

The Turk talked about humanitarian aid, which was delivered by the dog Rafh. This lifeline was unfairly and disgracefully destroyed, he declared.

No more than 560 lorries with aid have so far gone on foot. Traffic on the Rafh pedestrian crossing was restored on January 21, but it does not work every day, and according to humanitarian organizations, the residents of Psma Gaza are in desperate need of help.

The devastation from Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continues to worsen, with an estimated one-third of all buildings in northern Gaza damaged or destroyed, an analysis of satellite imagery found. Thousands were damaged just last week.

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Trk called for the closing of a humanitarian peace treaty, which, according to him, should contain the first humanitarian imperatives. These are the delivery of sufficient humanitarian aid to Gaza, the release of hostages and the implementation of a permanent end to the occupation.

We have fallen into an abyss and it cannot continue like this. other parties do not excuse other parties, said the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly stated that the day will not end until Hamas releases the prisoners. Hams says he will not stop fighting as long as Gaza is under water.

Even in the context of the 56-year-long occupation, the situation is the most dangerous, as we have seen, for people in Gaza, in Israel, in the West Bank, but also in the region, said Trk.

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