Video: Israeli soldiers destroy underground entrances under the Gaza Strip


The Israeli army (IDF) is already operating in the “heart” of Gaza City, which is located in the northern part of the area and is the main base of terrorists from Hamas, probably also the largest part of the tunnel complex that the movement built under the region is located here (more about the operation).

IDF on social network X, that since the beginning of the ground operation, it has destroyed 130 tunnel shafts of Hamas. At a large part of the entrance, soldiers found structures with car batteries, which are believed to have been connected to the air filtration system in the tunnels, writes the Israeli server Times of Israel. How extensive the network is cannot be read from public information.

The opening video shows Israeli engineers using various types of explosive devices to destroy tunnels under the Gaza Strip. In addition to destroying the entrances, the goal is to detonate all planted explosives. Some shafts are destroyed using excavators and bulldozers.

At the same time, the Israelis are concerned that military operations could further endanger the hostages who are probably being held in the tunnels.

But fighting inside ground complexes can be highly dangerous for Israeli troops. First of all, the narrow underground corridors largely erase the asymmetric advantage in favor of the Israeli military in both numbers and weapons and technology.

The labyrinth of corridors also means a high risk of encircling and trapping entire groups of soldiers and directly calls for the detonation of planted explosives or even entire arms of tunnels. Israel faces a difficult choice in solving this problem.

The vast network of tunnels in Gaza

The Israeli operation will not only be on the ground, but also underground. It is the so-called “Gaza metro”, i.e. an extensive network of tunnels, that will represent one of the biggest challenges. Terrorists from Hamas have run it through all of Gaza and are using civilian buildings as shields.

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