The war in Israel is a war on terror without parallel. It’s a fight for survival

The war in Israel is a war on terror without parallel. It’s a fight for survival
The war in Israel is a war on terror without parallel. It’s a fight for survival

OPINION / The war in Israel is an unparalleled war on terror. In a single day, more Jews died in a brutal way than during the Kristallnacht in 1938. The visit to Israel confirmed to me that I want, as in the case of Ukraine, one day to be able to say that I was on the right side. And on the side of freedom against criminals.

What is happening right now is not a war between Israel and the Arab world. It is not a war with Palestine or even with Gaza. It is the same as in Ukraine, a war with terrorists who want to destroy an entire nation and wipe one country off the map. Israel has only two options to choose from. Either he survives or the terrorists.

At my meeting with members of the Knesset, some told me the simple truth, it is not about borders at all, they are just an excuse, Israel is literally fighting for its own survival! That the world is reacting by vilifying Israel for defending itself the way it does is truly beyond my head.

Any reasonable person should distinguish between the targeted killing of civilians and the loss of civilian life that occurs during defensive operations that aim to destroy, for example, launchers often targeted near schools or hospitals. No Israeli soldier deliberately shoots civilians to first tie their hands and then set them on fire in front of children. This kind of information, and in many cases far more perverse, is not released much by the Israelis. The carnage that actually occurs is insane and shook me deeply. However, I believe that perhaps the West would need to see this pure evil with its own eyes in order to finally really wake up.

I had the opportunity to meet personally with families whose loved ones were kidnapped by Hamas terrorists. To hear it directly from them is absolutely overwhelming and really hit me hard. There are currently 241 of them, including children, in the hands of these terrorists, and the kidnappers are making absolutely senseless demands for their release. Terrorists demand humanity, but they themselves do not have an iota of it. Until at least the Red Cross reaches the kidnapped hostages, then they certainly should not be entitled to anything, let alone help or a place in interviews in the world’s media.

I am incredibly grateful that after returning back to the Czech Republic, the only sirens I will hear are the test ones. In Israel, real ones are the order of the day. The Jewish state has to fight for its existence every day, and we should think about that whenever someone wants to judge it for defending itself.

The idea that Israel can defend itself with weapons, but no people must die, is a wonderful and typically European idea, but completely hypocritical.

The author is a TOP 09 MP

The article is in Czech

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