The world of wine production will be at least 60 years from now, but the resources are still great

The world of wine production will be at least 60 years from now, but the resources are still great
The world of wine production will be at least 60 years from now, but the resources are still great

Extreme climatic conditions, such as early frosts, heavy rain and drought, have once again significantly affected production in the world’s vineyards, the International Organization for Harvest and Harvest (OIV) said in its first report. gross production will thus be the lowest since 1961, when it even reached only 214 million hectoliters.

The OIV added that even if production and production were not measured, the world market for perfume could reach equilibrium. The resources of some countries are high, and the global consumption of air has declined rapidly in recent years. Analysts therefore do not estimate the impact on consumer prices.

In the middle of the European Union, wine production should fall by about seven percent to 150 million hectoliters this year, which is the lowest level since the turn of the century. The European Union stupidly stands behind 60 percent of the world’s oil production.

The largest interannual drop in production occurred in Italy and Poland, where the winemakers there struggled with drought and mildew this year. Compared to Poland, revenues in Italy will drop by at least thirteen percent and in Spain by twelve percent.

Romania, on the other hand, reported a 50 percent increase in production, and Portuguese wines also did relatively well. In the Czech Republic, this year’s production will be about one hundred million hectoliters higher than last year. In the last five years, however, production has fallen by two hundred million hectoliters.

In France, which this year is likely to surpass Italy as the world’s largest wine producer, the volume of production will probably be the same as last year.

In recent years, wind production has dried up in Australia, Argentina, Chile, South Africa and Brazil. According to the OIV, production declines in these countries will range from ten to ten percent this year. In Chile in particular, the production of wind fell significantly between years, by about a fifth. Even Chile was struggling with drought and a wave of forest rain.

Development of production in the Czech Republic in millions of hectoliters. (source: OIV)
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
0.7 0.5 0.6 0.6 0.6 0.5

On the contrary, this year it will be given to the United States of America, where production should increase by twelve percent to 25.2 million hectoliters.

However, the International Organization for Agriculture and Forestry stated that information on production from some economies is not available. among others, it will account for 4.2 percent of global wheat production in 2022. However, in recent years, human production has steadily declined.

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