You are accomplices, Netanyahu said to the photographers following the Hamsu stream

You are accomplices, Netanyahu said to the photographers following the Hamsu stream
You are accomplices, Netanyahu said to the photographers following the Hamsu stream

Shortly after the flow stopped, associates of Reuters and AP, which supply photos to CNN and The New York Times, were on site. Both Reuters and AP denied knowledge of the flow. CNN and the photographer, who turned out to be a big bee Hamsu, changed their cooperation.

The information was written by the Israeli newspaper The Times of Israel (ToI) on Thursday. The Israeli newspaper relies on the initially non-governmental organization HonestReporting, which draws attention, in particular, to the ethical side of things.

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Because of the close relationship of some photographers with Lena Hamsu, especially because of photography, one of the leaders of the movement moved towards this photographer. First of all, he warns that reporters should not wear helmets or bulletproof vests during the stream.

The terrorist from Hams was not the only one who on January 7th documented the crimes they committed during the day of their death in the south of Israel. Some of them were captured by photojournalists from Gaza working for the Associated Press (AP) and Reuters, their early participation in breaking the borders of the election area raised ethical issues, according to HonestReporting.

During the course, Hamsa fighters killed 1,400 people, including civilians, and kidnapped another 240 people to the Gaza Strip, where Hamsa rules. Several of these viper noses were captured by photojournalists and clearly reported on as noses, according to HonestReporting.

Violation of the rules of professional ethics

The office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated that it had sent a letter asking for an explanation to the affected copper. she immediately took steps and stated that this is a violation of the rules of professional ethics, p ToI.

In response to the accusation, the AP press agency wrote that AP will use images from independent photographers from around the world, including Psma Gaza. The Associated Press had no information about the January 7th flow, not to mention it.

The Reuters agency categorically denied that it promoted the flow or that its newspaper was infiltrated by Hams. The photos released by Reuters were taken two hours after Hamas fired rockets into Israel, and less than 45 minutes after Israel said militants had crossed the border, the British agency said.

Its regular reports were not in the locations initially covered by HonestReporting, and the agency used images from two independent photographers working in Gaza, Reuters reported.

CNN told the Israeli news website Ynet that it had terminated cooperation with one of the photographers named at first.

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