What Scholz is just faking. The truth about the “solution” to migration in Germany


The coalition government of the Social Democrats, liberals from the FDP and the Greens is trying to limit the flow of migrants to Germany. According to server Politico only shows her in full nude clutching at straws and describes the migration crisis in Germany as “endless”.

“I don’t want to use big words,” Scholz told reporters, “but I think it’s a historic moment,” glossing over upcoming changes in the Federal Republic of Germany’s asylum policy. He was quoted by the Politico server, which in turn added a note that Scholz’s efforts to change the rules of the asylum policy could be the beginning of his political downfall. “He may well be proven right, if only because there is a good chance that history will mark his failure to achieve major reforms as the beginning of his political end,” the server literally said.


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In 2023, Germany faces the biggest influx of migrants since 2015, when Angela Merkel opened the door to refugees from Syria, but also from Afghanistan and other countries, telling the world “we can do it”. Today, there are also Ukrainians among the refugees and migrants, but after a series of anti-Israel demonstrations, the German chancellor is more worried about followers of faith in Allah, or Islam.

According to Politico, however, the problem is that the new asylum policy rules in question contain things promised many times in recent years, most notably a promise to speed up asylum procedures and deport unsuccessful asylum seekers. This is something that has not been successful not only in Germany for a long time. Among other things, Scholz asks that other EU countries share refugees who want to live in Germany. Like his predecessor Angela Merkel, he effectively called for the redistribution of migrants. On Tuesday, Scholz said European “solidarity” in sharing the burden of accepting refugees was the only viable solution to the problem.

“More radical proposals, such as introducing an annual asylum quota or moving the processing and evaluation of refugees to countries outside the EU, are usually rejected due to legal concerns, bureaucratically sidelined or both,” the site said, adding that the left-wing coalition is not much into it , so that the fate of migrants is decided even before the EU gates, because pushing for such a thing is politically unpleasant. Already because African states often refuse to accept their citizens back. E.g. under the pretext that it is not certain whether they are their compatriots when they do not have a valid passport with them.

“The result is that Germany and the EU are caught in an awkward dance in which Berlin pretends to make tough demands on its European partners and Brussels pretends to listen,” Politico elaborated.

As a result, many larger and smaller German cities are reporting to the central government in Berlin that they can no longer handle the influx of migrants. In 2023 alone, 250,000 asylum seekers arrived in Germany, and that is not even the end of the year, so it can be expected that the number of applicants will be higher.

“The German public is also increasingly restless. More than 70 percent of the population express dismay at the government’s handling of migration, according to a recent poll. This helped record support for the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. Frustration with the government’s migration policy also contributed to the historic decline of Scholz’s SPD last month, which recorded its worst results in more than a century in the elections in the states of Hesse and Bavaria,” the server pointed out about the beating the Social Democrats received from voters.

The British BBC brought a report from the village of Altenberg in Saxony on the border with the Czech Republic, where local residents have heard about Scholz’s plans to limit the influx of migrants, but they do not feel safer at all. Why? Local mayor Markus Wiesenberg revealed that smugglers drop off migrants in the local forest at least once a day. Because of this, the locals are said to be increasingly worried about their children. Smugglers, on the other hand, are at peace. As soon as they unload one batch of migrants in the forest, they turn around and cross the green border to pick up the next group. “Mayor Wiesenberg, who is a member of the Christian Democratic Party (CDU), says there is a perception that the federal government is failing,” the BBC reported.

One of the refugees, 23-year-old Syrian Muhammad Abdoum, revealed that he came to Germany by train from Prague. Now he is said to be dreaming of a life, perhaps even a family, in Germany.

In the neighboring village of Hermsdorf, where about 772 people live, 40 to 50 protesters gathered, who decided to show that they are worried about the influx of more migrants. It is said that they would have nothing against accepting children, but it is far from only young children heading to Germany. “For me, the young migrants who come here are an army – and when they get the order to intervene, we’re done. Then it’s done,” a warning sounded at the demonstration.

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author: Miloš Polák


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