How the Ukrainians are moving equipment across the Dnieper and why a large landing is still unlikely

  • Ukrainians are disembarking heavy equipment across the Dnieper River.
  • What is the purpose of the BTR-4 they moved here.
  • Why the Russians fail to push them back across the river.
  • A larger landing is still unlikely, the analyst says, explaining the reasons.
  • The Russians buy engines for their helicopters from countries like Egypt.
  • Video of the day: FPV drone hits the Tor system.

The information in this text is a summary of events for Wednesday, November 8. The situation may be different in some places.

It has been three weeks since Ukrainian marines were deployed in greater numbers on the left bank of the Dnieper. Unlike in the past, these are not mere raids, the Ukrainians have created a bridgehead. According to the Kyiv Post, they hold four places within 35 kilometers of each other, although the territories are not connected. Each of them houses from a few dozen to 150 people. The Russian channel Rybar reports that there are 300 Ukrainian soldiers near the village of Krynky.

There were also reports and pictures showing the landing of the first large Ukrainian equipment on the left bank.

An important question is how the Ukrainians land this technique on the other side of the river. The Dnieper is at least 500 meters wide and several meters deep at this point.

They have not yet created a pontoon bridge here, although it cannot be ruled out that they are trying to do so.

The image suggests that they are moving the equipment using the PTS-2 amphibious vehicle. This tracked vehicle serves as a transporter and can cross the river as well as a boat. This is an older vehicle from Soviet times. As journalist David Ax of Forbes magazine wrote, Ukrainians had about 15 of them before the war.

By the way, the Czech army also has a similar tracked amphibious transporter PTS-10, it mainly intervenes during floods.

The Ukrainian PTS-2 is used to transport up to 75 troops across the river, but can also carry an all-terrain or armored vehicle. We can see what such a transport looks like in a video of an exercise that appeared in the summer.

The PTS-2 has a carrying capacity of 12 tons. But according to analysts, in the picture he is carrying it when he disembarks

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