UN: What about UNRWA wheels?

UN: What about UNRWA wheels?
UN: What about UNRWA wheels?

On Sunday, November 5, UN officials announced that ten percent of the total number of female workers, forgotten since the creation of the UN, had died during the month of fighting on Palestinian land.

He blames the Israeli army, when UN Secretary-General António Guterres pointed out that children are being killed in Gaza. As if it didn’t matter that since 2015 the UN General Assembly has approved 125 resolutions condemning Israel, but not a single one against it, or Venezuela, Pakistan, Cuba, Libya or Turkey, as Gita Zbavitelov reported for Czech radio. The Economic and Social Council of the United Nations even accused Israel of equal rights for women, even though Israel is the only country in the Middle East where there is gender equality and all women, including those of Arab origin, have the opportunity to study at the universities there and work wherever they want to be employed. .

Now the UN blames Israel for the death of its employees in the Gaza Strip, saying that terrorists are building shelters in civilian buildings, storing weapons and launching rockets in the vicinity of bicycles and bicycles, even medical facilities. In fact, the UN’s top cultivator, as it happens in our country, does not see a mushroom. Today, 92 female workers of their agency, known by the abbreviation UNRWA (United Nations for Palestinian Refugees in the Middle East), which provides aid to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, may have been killed in Israeli retaliatory strikes in the northern part of the enclave, where Israel called on civilians to evacuate the airstrike. threatened buildings. Just as it appeared to her, how many teachers and other employees of the UNRWA agency, in the area of ​​the dog warning art remaining, demonstrably glorified the terrorist movements of Hamsa.

By the year 2022, the two wheels of this agency had tunnels under them, which the terrorists used to transport fighters and ammunition. When UNRWA was accused of regularly calling on the government to go and create offensive material that glorifies terrorism, supports terrorism, demonizes Israelis and incites anti-Semitism. In addition, in 2019, when Canada stopped funding UNRWA, Michael Mostyn, editor-in-chief of Bnai Brith Canada, said: While supporting Palestinians who need it most is a worthy cause, there is ample evidence that UNRWA’s wheels are indoctrinating Palestinian children toward anti-Semitism and out of the wolf, not to peace and tolerance.

As noted by the IMPACT Institute, some UNRWA employees, including seven teachers, posted posters on social media celebrating the terrorist attack by Hamas on Israel on January 7 and other violent actions by terrorists. They often cited passports from Korn to celebrate the Hamsu stream, which killed hundreds of Israeli civilians in their homes. For example, one of the teachers, Bilal Ahmed, quoted a verse that says: We sent against you our maidservants with a great military force, and they explored [dokonce] and houses, and the promise was fulfilled. Another teacher from Gaza, Ebrahim Al Azaiza, shared a video of a rocket stream into Israel, captioning his post, What a beautiful sight! and added tst smileys to it. Mahmoud Abu Adhm, an UNRWA employee, published several videos of Hamsu’s actions, when he wrote in one of his tweets with reference to Islamic texts: “Do not pass by a prisoner who has not been granted mercy, nor would you cut him down to destroy the insect.” Another teacher shared videos showing Hamsa streams at Israeli Defense Forces soldiers. The institute’s report thus identified the UNRWA group in the West Bank of Jordan, which published a video of a gathering on Sunday, where a young Palestinian prayed for God to give strength to the fighters in their fight against the evils of infidelity.

IMPACT, whose full name is the Institute for the Monitoring of Peace and Cultural Tolerance in the Global Environment, is an international research organization that monitors and analyzes the environment around the world. Use international standards that are derived from UNESCO declarations and resolutions. It cannot be taken lightly, according to UNRWA, it operates 183 clubs in the Gaza Strip, which are visited by more than 286,000 students, when 58 percent of the UN agency’s budget goes to long-distance training. The Piem Institute, as well as a number of experts from other organizations, have been warning for a long time that UNRWA is using a curriculum that includes hatred of people and glorifies violence and the violence associated with it. Extreme nationalism and Islamist ideologies abound in the entire textbook, including science and mathematics textbooks, it is stated, among other things, in the first 123 pages.

However, the European Parliament expressed regret over the problematic and hateful content of Palestinian school textbooks, when it emphasized that EU financial support in the field of long-term education should only be provided under the condition that the content of the textbooks will be in line with UNESCO standards, as decided by the ministers of the EU churches in Pai on March 17, 2015. Only the Palestinians ignore these demands, and anti-Semitic references have not been removed, and images inciting hatred and violence have not been removed from textbooks and study materials. Even the European Union envoy gave them pensions.

Another thing is that, even though UN Secretary General António Guterres says that Hamas is one thing and the Palestinian people are another, Hamas did not blame the men who terrorize innocent women in Gaza. Dihdist Hamsu were raised and raised in a society obsessed with erasing Israel from the world map. This is the culture that produces hordes of men who proudly upload videos on their smartphones of raping Jewish women and driving minors, not executing them. This is the society that glorifies child killers, hailing them as heroes. And it is not so surprising that Palestinians, even at demonstrations in European cities, are calling for the renewal of the intifada, called an insurgency, or since to me the slogan is not only for Hamsa, but also for the innocent Palestinians, about whom we constantly hear in the media. It’s as if even the Washington Free Beacon didn’t report on ordinary Palestinians with children who spontaneously joined Hamas terrorists under their government and killed Israeli civilians for a stated reward.

In the end, the whole world had the opportunity to see for itself, and the streets of Gaza were filled with crowds of residents returning home as conquerors and heroes, as online videos showed. And at the same time, some authentic reports showed how hordes of Gazan civilians streamed across the broken border on the 7th of January to break into Israeli villages to help Hamas, which has written about the destruction of Israel and wants to replace it with the Islamic State. So that, together with the robbers, they were involved in the rape of Jewish women and their children. In fact, the extent to which the Gazan public has become involved in the terrorist campaign of Hamsa is still not fully realized by the media, especially by some non-governmental organizations.

Everything that was done here today is not the result of bad propaganda, dishonoring innocent Gazans and UN employees. It is a stark fact, which has been confirmed by all so far.

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