Gaza letter: Fighting plants is a step in the right direction, Biden said

Gaza letter: Fighting plants is a step in the right direction, Biden said
Gaza letter: Fighting plants is a step in the right direction, Biden said

Pestvky, according to Biden, allows thousands of people who do not fight to get to safety. These are steps in the right direction, Biden said on social media X. According to Biden, two corridors will be created that will allow people to leave the north, where the holes and military operations of the Israeli army are strongest.

Biden added that the Israeli representatives have been talking about steps for weeks, which are to improve the protection of civilians, to extend humanitarian aid to this Palestinian land and to free the people who were kidnapped by the Palestinian movement Hamas.

The White House said on Thursday that Israel had agreed to the fighting crops, they would pay them for those hours on limited land in the north. In an interview broadcast by Fox News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also confirmed the existence of the virus, but he refused to talk about humanitarian crops. We want to facilitate the safe departure of civilians away from the areas where the fighting is going on, Netanyahu said.

According to The Times of Israel portal, Netanyahu once again refused to allow the fighting unless the hostages held by the Hamas movement are released. According to him, the Hams movement will continue their fight until the end. We do not seek to conquer Gaza, we do not seek to occupy Gaza and we do not seek to rule over Gaza, said the Israeli Prime Minister.

According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), on Thursday, 50,000 people used two humanitarian corridors to leave the north. Hundreds of thousands of people who live in the north are trying to guarantee a minimum amount of water and eat the necessary food, The Times of Israel quoted the UN server today.

150 humanitarian vehicles per day

On Thursday, Biden confirmed to the newspaper that in his interviews with Netanyahu, he gave a week’s worth of fighting.

We are doing everything in our power to increase humanitarian supplies and aid, according to Biden. According to him, the goal is for 150 trucks with aid to leave for the Gaza Strip every day.

According to the American president, 106 trucks with aid left for the Palestinian land in Wednesday. The only point of entry into the Gaza Strip is currently the Rafh crossing on the border with Egypt.

On Thursday, according to the source of the Reuters agency, approximately 100 lorries with help were taken by the Rafah border patrol. OCHA reports on 65 trucks.

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