Thanks to the reconstruction, it was possible to enlarge and at the same time connect both floors of the maisonette apartment


For the small space of the apartment, it was essential to work with light and long views throughout the entire layout. Therefore, the architects from the loca architekte studio had almost all the existing partitions that divided it into small rooms demolished. They placed new partitions only where it was absolutely necessary (bathroom, toilet or children’s room).

They widened the narrow entrance area of ​​the hall and thus created a place for a bench and a shoe rack. To the right of the entrance are the entrances to the hygiene facilities. The wall leading to the bathroom is designed from frosted glass, which ensures privacy, but at the same time diffused daylight can flow into the entrance hall.

Viewpoint theme

On the left is the entrance to the children’s room, the layout of which has remained in its original form. From the entrance hall there is a view to the kitchen, directly to the window. The motif of the windows visually enlarges the apartment and gives the space an airy impression. By knocking down the partitions, a spacious living room with an L-shaped floor plan was created, functionally divided into a kitchen and dining area and a living area.

The staircase in the townhouse got a new face and an important role in the living space

Living area and stairs

“In the living area there are stairs leading to the second above-ground floor, where there is a dressing room with a bedroom. The stairs are designed from a steel structure with wooden treads and a light steel rod railing,” describes the architect Lucie Kirovová.

After all, the stairs act in the interior not only as a link between the floors, but thanks to their appearance they are literally a fine jewel of the entire interior. The space under the stairs is fully used for atypical padded seating / rolling, which occupies both the space under the stairs and the front view wall under the window. The rest area thus fully communicates with the kitchen. On the second above-ground floor, the partition between the dressing room and the bedroom is made up of built-in wardrobes. A workplace is also designed in the dressing room. This part of the interior will be realized in the next stage.

Investor requirements

According to the investor’s requirements for a “wooden interior”, the dominant motif became the parquet floor and birch plywood, which the authors applied to the built-in furniture blocks.

Additional furniture elements are designed in white. In the bathroom and toilet, the white color of the tiling is enlivened by a tiling with a distinctive terrazzo decor. A contrasting accent is then small elements in black throughout the apartment – lighting, handles or faucets.


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By transforming a small apartment, the owner got a simple and functionally furnished home

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